Our Weighted Vests are highly adjustable and ergonomically designed. They have a quick-release buckle at the shoulder position which enables one to remove the weight vest while never having to raise the vest overhead – this dramatically reduces the possibility of injury. Our weighted vest allows up to 30kgs of weight which can vastly improve resistance training and strength training.

Although weighted vests are useful for exercises like push ups and pullups, weighted vests are helpful for aerobic exercises like running, step runs, bicycling, jumping rope or box jumps. The additional weight the individual provides in the jacket with their own bodyweight forces the muscles to work somewhat harder while doing the same activity.

Power Bags are excellent training tools, great for safe strength training as it sits comfortably on shoulders and can be easily handled with heavy duty seat-belt like handles. Power Bags come in 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg. The titan power bags are filled with sand so will not damage the floor if when dropped. Power bags are perfect for strength, speed and explosive movement training.