120kg Cast Iron Weight Set with Stand

120kg Cast Iron Weight Set with Stand

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Our Standard 120kg Cast Iron Weight Set is everything you need to start your home gym the right way. Make your training count with a versatile weight set that includes a barbell, curl bar, 2 dumbbells and 100kg of cast iron weight plates. All bars and weights in this set use a standard 25mm sleeve diameter for optimal compatibility. For increased security during your workout, bars and dumbbells come with spiral collars to easily lock and unlock your plates. Package comes with weight tree for weight & bar storage.

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    25MM HOLE

    Cast Iron Weight Plates

    These weight plates are commercial graded, and will last a lifetime in appropriate
    use. Comes in a perfect 100kg weight range for every type of workout.

    Everything You'll Need

    Perfect Weight Set for those looking to get into shape and improve body
    strength. 100kg of weight plates will give you a big range in terms of weight
    and resistance, which can be split across 3 bars and dumbbells provided.

    180cm Barbell

    Chrome plating and a steel core to last a lifetime.
    Knurl gripping and comes with two spiral collars.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length - 26.5cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Inner Bar Section - 125cm length

    Ez Curl Bar

    Chrome Plated and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripped and ergonomically designed
    to fit most shoulder widths during key workouts. Comes with 2 spiral collars per curl bar.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length - 19cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Inner Bar Section - 79.5cm length

    Dumbbell Handles

    Chrome Plated and a steel core to last a lifetime. Our Dumbbell handles come with a rubber grip handle for easier and comfortable gripping. Comes with 2 spiral collars per dumbbell.

    Full Body Workout

    Compatible with unlimited exercises
    and routines for a full body workout.

    3 Levels of Standard

    Weight Storage

    An efficient storage solution for your standard weight set.

    Technical Specifications


    Our Cast Iron Standard Weight Plates are extremely strong, and will last a lifetime. Don't settle on cheap cement or sand weights that will crack. Our 120kg weight set comes with everything you need for a full body workout as well as a steel weight tree for weight storage.


    • Cast Iron Weight Plates
    • 25mm hole diameter to suit Standard Barbells
    • Knurl Gripping or Rubber Grips on Bars
    • All bars come with spiral spin collars to lock in weights
    • Comes with a steel weight tree to store weights & bars

    Dimensions and Weight

    Weights 6 x 10kg Cast Iron Weight Plate
    4 x 5kg Cast Iron Weight Plate
    6 x 2.5kg Cast Iron Weight Plate
    4 x 1.25kg Cast Iron Weight Plate
    Bars 6ft (180cm) Studio Barbell with 2 Spiral Spin Collars
    Pair of Dumbbell Handles (Rubber Grips) with 4 Spiral Spin Collars
    Standard Ez Curl Bar with 2 Spiral Spin Collars


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