CORTEX GS-10 Multi-Function Smith Machine 146kg Home Gym Package

CORTEX GS-10 Multi-Function Smith Machine 146kg Home Gym Package

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Everything you could possibly need to power through an intense full body workout; featuring the Cortex GS10 Multi-Functional Smith and Cable Machine which gives you access to 100+ compound and isolated exercises. Workout in comfort with our versatile and easy to move BN-6 exercise bench. Olympic quality bumper plates and fractional plates, paired with Olympic barbell and dumbbell handles, gives you the foundation for big lifts at home. Set up your space correctly with 9 gym floor mats. Your ultimate home gym journey begins here.

    Huge Exercises

    Steel Frame

    6 Adjustment

    Steel Ring

    Ultimate Home Gym Package

    The Ultimate Home Gym Package

    This package comes with

    • GS-10 Multi-Functional Smith and Cable Machine
    • BN-6 Exercise Bench
    • SPARTAN200 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell
    • Olympic 20” Dumbbell Handles
    • CORTEX Black Series Olympic Bumper Plates (Pairs of 25kg, 20kg, 15kg, 10kg, 5kg)
    • Fractional Plate Pack (Pairs of 1.5kg, 1.0kg, 0.5kg, 0.25kg)
    • Rubber Gym Floor Mats 10mm (Set of 9)

    All In One System

    The perfect machine for all your needs. Integrated with some of the most versatile and ubiquitous gym equipment, the GS10 is sure to satisfy your workout goals in one compact package.

    • 1. Pull Up Bar - Multi-grip double chin-up bar with two handle options
    • 2. Adjustable Cable Machine - Target specific muscles with the cable machine, perfect for isolated movements to build strength in certain areas.
    • 3. Integrated Smith Machine - Have improved stability and balance with a smith machine, a definitive tool for home training, providing all the safety without the need for a spotter.
    • 4. Integrated Half Rack - Promote strength balance in your body, you will be able to perform a full range of compound movements and more.

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    All In One System

    Built to Olympic Specifications

    With high quality stainless steel mixed with needle bearings, 28mm grip diameter and a industry
    standard 7ft sizing, the Cortex Olympic Barbells are optimized for both Olympic lifts and Powerlifting
    delivering a firm but non-abrasive grip, a consistent spin, and great reliability and longevity.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length 41cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Max Holding Length: 130.8cm

    Built to IWF Standards

    Our CORTEX Olympic Bumper Plates are designed for Olympic Lifting, Cross fit, and general
    gym use. They are designed to IWF standards of 450mm and are a lot denser, come thinner
    than other comparable bumper plates, meaning you can fit more weight onto the bar.

    IWF Standards
    Adjustment Levels

    6 Adjustment Levels

    Flat, incline, decline and vertical bench angles.

    Benefit from the maximum amount of variety your bench press. The BN-6 Bench Set features a total of 6 angle settings, as well as 2 levels of seat adjustments.

    Olympic Dumbbell

    Olympic Dumbbell Handles

    Resistant to chipping and corrosion, our chrome plated 20" Olympic Dumbbells are designed to be comfortable and safe in your grip with knurled gripping.

    Fractional Plates

    Fractional Plates

    Break through lifting plateaus and allow for precision loading with our CORTEX Fractional Plates. In small increments boost your weight threshold with 0.25kg, 0.5kg, 1kg and 1.5kg weight plates.

    Rubber Gym

    Rubber Gym Floor Mat 10mm Set of 9

    Our commercial grade 10mm gym mats are fire-tested and made with 933kg/m3 high density environmentally friendly rubber. A bevelled top edge on all sides for a clean look and finish. Comes with set of 9 for 9m2 of coverage.

    Technical Specifications


    • Multifunctional power rack, cable/pulley machine for weight lifting, chin-up and cable exercises
    • Adjustable cable pulley machine with 30/50 mm weight plate intake
    • Smith Machine/Guided Olympic barbell bar with 50mm weight plate
    • Two adjustable safety spotters with rubberised bearing surface
    • Multi-grip double chin-up bar with two handle options

    Dimensions and Weight

    Package Components
  • 1x GS-10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine
  • 1x BN-6 Exercise Bench
  • 1x CORTEX SPARTAN200 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell with Lockjaw Collars
  • 1x CORTEX Olympic Dumbbell Handles 20" (Pair)
  • 1x CORTEX Fractional Plate 6.5kg Pack
  • 2x CORTEX 5kg Black Series Bumper Plates
  • 2x CORTEX 10kg Black Series Bumper Plates
  • 2x CORTEX 15kg Black Series Bumper Plates
  • 2x CORTEX 20kg Black Series Bumper Plates
  • 2x CORTEX 25kg Black Series Bumper Plates
  • 2x Olympic Dumbbell Handle
  • 9x Rubber Gym Floor Mat 10mm (1m x 1m)
  • Occupancy Size 185cm x 155cm x 225cm (L x W x H)
    Gross Weight 458kg

    Structure & Technical

    • 22 height positions for safety spotter, J-cups, etc.
    • 26 height positions barbell bar guide
    • 350mm long safety spotter arm
    • 8 intakes for weight plates with 50 mm (Ø)
    • Barbell rest with rubber bearing surface
    • Two J-cups with rubber bearing surface
    • Two dumbbell bar intakes
    • Possibility for anchoring in the ground (optional)
    • Material: powder-coated 14-gauge steel (2mm)
    • Load-bearing capacity control cable: max. 200 kg per side
    • Load-bearing capacity safety spotter: max. 500 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity J-cups: max. 350 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity weight disc holder 150 kg
    • Load-bearing capacity pull-up bar: max. 200 kg


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    · 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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