CORTEX FT40 Cable Crossover Station

CORTEX FT40 Cable Crossover Station

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Provide yourself with a challenging functional training workout for your home gym. The Lifespan Fitness FT40 delivers a wide range of exercises with a weight range of up to 180kg. Catering for all fitness levels the FT40 can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit any exercise.



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    75+ Exercises

    180KG WEIGHT

    Steel Frame

    Feel the Burn

    Feel the Burn Through 75+ Exercises

    Isolate specific muscle groups or focus on endurance exercises. Find the ultimate variety of home gym strength training with more than 75 available exercises.

    Functional Trainer Versatility

    Easily adjust height through 17 vertical notches, each 10 centimetres apart, with the convenience of pull lock handles. Carabiners are compatible with a huge variety of additional handles, and make attaching handles quick and simple. Additional exercises can be found with chin-up bars.

    Functional Trainer
    Something for Everyone

    Something for Everyone

    Functional trainers are accessible to all levels of training, from beginners to athletes.With a huge range of exercises, 5kg weight plates, and total weight of 90kg per stack,there’s plenty for everyone with the FT40.

    Strong Construction

    Constructed from a solid steel square tube and with a heavy net weight, working out on the FT40 is always stable and secure. All parts are either powder-coated or chromed, giving the FT40 superior protection from scratches, corrosion, and rust.

    Strong Construction
    Weight Range

    Huge 180kg Weight Range

    Two stacks, each weighing 90kg, supply you with a huge 180kg grand total weight. Weights increase in 5kg increments to give you ultimate specificity for each exercise.

    Assembled Size

    Cartoon Size

    Carton Size

    Cartoon Size

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    Technical Specifications


    • Plug pin coupling for quick selection of the weight load in steps of 5 kg
    • Weights with aperture as injury protection
    • 17 hole notches each with 10cm distance from the positioning of the pull handles
    • Carabiner connection for easy exchange of pull handles: lateral / longitudinal grip or leg cuff
    • Includes 2.10m high pull-up bar with varied grip lengths and opportunities
    • Includes 1 x cable pull station (assembly kit), 36 x 5 kg weight plate, 1 x lengthwise pull bar, 2 x T-handle and 1 x assembly manual

    Dimensions and Weight

    Packaging Size Carton 1: 212cm x 84cm x 14.5cm (L x W x H), 52kg
    Carton 2: 212cm x 84cm x 14.5cm (L x W x H), 47kg
    Carton 3: 84.5cm x 26cm x 26cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 4: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.7cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 5: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.7cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 6: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.7cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 7: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.7cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 8: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.7cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 9: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 12.7cm (L x W x H), 25kg
    Carton 10: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 10.17cm (L x W x H), 15kg
    Carton 11: 28.5cm x 11.5cm x 10.17cm (L x W x H), 15kg
    Occupancy Size 112cm x 201cm x 213cm (L x W x H)
    Gross Weight 280kg

    Structure & Technical

    • Solid construction made of steel square tube
    • All parts powder-coated or chromed as protection against corrosion and scratching
    • Rubberised handles for good grip and comfortable workout
    • Pull-up bar grip width (oblique grips): 95 cm
    • Pull-up bar grip width (horizontal grips): 60 cm
    • Pull-up bar grip width (vertical handles): 30 cm
    • Weight (total): Approx. 280kg
    • Chin Up Handlebars: 150kg Load Weight


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    · 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
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    Assembled Size

    Cartoon Size

    Carton Size

    Cartoon Size

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