PR-3 Power Rack Home Gym Package

PR-3 Power Rack Home Gym Package

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    Designed for
    Olympic Lifting

    Precision Barbell
    Hole Spacing

    Bench Exercises

    50MM Hole

    170kg Olympic Rubber Bumper Plate

    Our CORTEX Olympic Rubber Bumper Plates are designed for Olympic Lifting, Cross fit,and general gym use. They are designed to IWF standards of 450mm and are a lot moredense, come thinner than other comparable bumper plates, meaning you can fit moreweight onto the bar.

    170kg Olympic Rubber 170kg Olympic Rubber
    170kg Olympic Rubber
    IWF Standards

    Built to IWF Standards

    We've designed our plates to IWF standards. 50mm hole diameter on all sizes.

    *Illustration purposes only. Plate size may vary.

    Steel Ring Core

    Allows for easy sliding on and off Barbells or any Olympic weight sleeve.

    Steel Ring Core

    Versatile Full Rack

    Our PR-3 Full Rack offers incredible versatility with barbell exercisesand a range of attachment options. Constructed using a strongpowder coated steel, the PR-3 is durable and built to withstand thetoughest workouts.

    • 180kg Max Weight for Adjustable Barbell Hooks
    • 200kg Max Weight for Adjustable Safety Spot Bars
    • 150kg Max User Weight for Chin-Up Bar
    • 150kg Max User Weight for Dip Attachment
    1. Fat Grip Chin-Up Bar
    2. Adjustable Barbell Hook
    3. Dip Attachment
    4. Adjustable Safety Spot Bar
    5. Resistance Band Pegs
    Versatile Full Rack
    Olympic Compatible

    Standard and Olympic Compatible

    With a width of 114cm, the PR-3 is compatible with both 6ft Standard Barbells and 7ftOlympic Barbells.

    Precision Barbell Hole Spacing

    We know everyones built differently. That's why the PR3 comes with ourPrecision Hole spacing configuration. The lower portion for bench-presshas 1 inch (26mm) spacing for maximum customisation. The upperportion features 2 inch (50mm) spacing for adjustments on Squats orOverhead presses.

    *Please note spacing is measured between bottom and top of holes.

    Precision Barbell
    6 Levels of Flat

    6 Levels of Flat, Incline,
    Decline Positions

    Flat, incline, decline and vertical bench angles.

    Benefit from the maximum amount of variety your bench press. The BN-6 Bench Set features a total of 6 angle settings.

    Deluxe Padding and Stitching

    The perfect amount of cushioning supported by strong stitching for anytype of exercise.

    Deluxe Padding
    Transport Wheels

    Transport Wheels and Mobility
    Handles Quickly and easily move

    Quickly and easily move the bench around to exactly where you need it.

    Built to Olympic Specifications

    With high quality stainless steel mixed with needle bearings, 28mm grip diameter and a industry
    standard 7ft sizing, the Cortex Olympic Barbells are optimized for both Olympic lifts and Powerlifting
    delivering a firm but non-abrasive grip, a consistent spin, and great reliability and longevity.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length 41cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Max Holding Length: 130.8cm
    Built to Olympic

    Needle Bearings

    Needle Bearings provide a smooth rotation during olympic lifts. Our needle bearings reduce friction during lifts, and are better than bushing collars.

    Needle Bearings


    Our knurling provides a great balance between a firm but non-abrasive grip. Centre knurling is on this bar for greater grip during squats.

    Fit & Finish

    Fit & Finish

    All barbells are quality tested to ensure that the components are flawlessly assembled for a reliable and long lasting barbell. Our 4-bearing Barbell comes with chrome finishing for a strong and reliable look.

    Pulse Sensors

    Lockjaw Collars Included

    • Easy & Simple Locking Mechanism
    • Durable High Quality Plastic
    • High Hold Strength
    • Elastomer Pads to protect Bar

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