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    Designed for
    Olympic Lifting

    Precise Knurl

    317kg Maximum
    Weight Rating

    High Performance for Olympic Lifts

    Built to Olympic Specifications

    With high quality stainless steel mixed with needle bearings, 28mm grip diameter and a industry
    standard 7ft sizing, the Cortex Olympic Barbells are optimized for both Olympic lifts and Powerlifting -
    delivering a firm but non-abrasive grip, a consistent spin, and great reliability and longevity.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length 41cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Max Holding Length: 130.8cm

    Needle Bearings

    Needle Bearings provide a smooth rotation during olympic lifts. Our needle bearings reduce friction during lifts, and are better than bushing collars.


    Our knurling provides a great balance between a firm but non-abrasive grip. Centre knurling is on this bar for greater grip during squats.

    Fit & Finish

    All barbells are quality tested to ensure that the components are flawlessly assembled for a reliable and long lasting barbell. Our 4-bearing Barbell comes with chrome finishing for a strong and reliable look.

    Lockjaw Collars Included

    • Easy & Simple Locking Mechanism
    • Durable High Quality Plastic
    • High Hold Strength
    • Elastomer Pads to protect Bar

    Technical Specifications


    Our Cortex Strength Pro Olympic Barbell is designed for all types of olympic lifting with a rating of 700lb (317kg). Comes with precise knurl gripping, a standard 2.87cm grip diameter and 2x Needle Bearings per sleeve (total of 4) for great spin and easier to stabilise during lifts. The chrome finish provides a strong and reliable look to your gym, home gym or studio.


    • Precise Knurl Gripping
    • 2.87cm Grip Diameter
    • 50mm Sleeve Diameter
    • Cortex Chrome Olympic Barbell: 4 Needle Bearings (2 per sleeve)
    • 20kg in Weight
    • 7ft (213.36cm) in Length
    • Chrome Finish
    • Maximum Weight Rating at 700lb (317kg)


    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

    · 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
     Not warranted for Olympic Lifting, Cross Fitting or any movement involving dropping the bar
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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