Cortex Revolock V2 48kg Adjustable Dumbbell + Barbell + Kettlebell All-in-One Set with Stand (24kg Pair)

Cortex Revolock V2 48kg Adjustable Dumbbell + Barbell + Kettlebell All-in-One Set with Stand (24kg Pair)

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The Revolock V2 48kg All-in-One Set with Stand is your complete home gym solution. This versatile pair package not only includes adjustable dumbbells and barbells but also adds kettlebells to the mix, offering a total of 36 weight combinations in one space-saving system. With a convenient stand for organised storage, easily switch between dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell configurations, ranging from 2kg to 24kg. It's the ultimate all-in-one package for a comprehensive home workout, allowing you to target various muscle groups and fitness levels with ease.



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    24kg Pair

    24KG PAIR

    Stand Included


    All in One Package


    Anti-Slip Handles


    36-in-1 Barbell Dumbbell & Kettlebell

    36-in-1 Barbell, Dumbbell
    & Kettlebell

    The Revolock V2 combines the functions of a barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell, offering 36 different weight combinations in a single compact system, making it the ultimate space-saving solution for your home gym.

    Weight Charts

    Choose Your Weight Combination

    The set comes with barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell configurations. You can easily customise the weight load to fit you workout needs

    Improved locking Mechanism

    The high-quality construction of the Revolock V2 offers enhanced durability and allows for smoother and safer weight changes

    What's in the Box

    Inside the box, you'll discover a comprehensive fitness package, including a stand, weights, 2x versatile dumbbell handles, 2x kettlebell handles, 4x sturdy barbell steel tubes, 8x tray steel tubes, a comprehensive manual for guidance, and protective foam for added safety.

    What's in the Box
    Quick & Secure Adjustability

    Quick & Secure Adjustability

    Enjoy seamless transitions between exercises with our quick and secure adjustability feature. You can effortlessly modify the weight settings with a swift twist and lock system, ensuring a smooth and efficient workout routine without interruptions.

    Comfortable Grip Handles

    Comfortable Grip Handles

    Our set features comfortable anti-slip handles designed to reduce hand fatigue and provide a secure hold, enhancing your overall training experience.

    Easy to Use Components

    Easy to Use Components

    Whether you're a seasoned fitness enthusiast or a beginner, our components simplify your workout experience, allowing you to focus on achieving your fitness goals without any unnecessary complexity.

    Technical Specifications


    • High quality steel weights
    • Twist handle to adjust weights
    • All weight readings are in KG
    • Comes in pairs
    • Package comes with a stand for storage and provides convenient access
    • Fast RevoLock locking system
    • Knurled handle for better grip
    • Dumbbell, Kettlebell and Barbell configurations
    • Safety: Not Recommended for Overhead Use

    Weight System

    • Adjustable from 2kg to 24kg
    • 36 Weight Combinations
    • Dumbbell: 3kg - 24kg
    • Kettlebell: 2kg - 12kg
    • Barbell: 4kg - 24kg


    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

    · 12 Months Parts replacement warranty
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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