Air Resistance Bikes

Air Resistance Bikes

Air Resistance Bikes

For the ultimate high intensity workout, look no further than our range of air resistance bikes. The best exercise bike for a full body cardio workout with unlimited resistance to help reach your fitness goals.

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Air Resistance Bikes FAQ

An air resistance exercise bike uses a dynamic resistance mechanism that adjusts according to the amount of force applied by the user. The bike contains a flywheel that is spun in motion of your arms and legs, spinning the blades around to create a circulation of air. Resistance is created by spinning the blades at greater speeds, as the blades come up against the increased air pressure. This provides a natural, exponential increase in resistance in line with the amount of force the user is applying. This is different to most bikes, that have set levels of resistance that have to be adjusted before your workout. Dynamic resistance allows you to shift resistance at will throughout your exercise without interruption.

Air resistance exercise involves complete, immediate control over the resistance of your machine, in accordance with how much effort you’re exerting. The resistance itself is created by the air in the flywheel as fan blades are spun at increasing speed. This means that the exercise will be proportional to the fitness level of the user, making them precise, dynamic mechanisms of achieving a great workout. There are many reasons why users love air bike exercises, as it provides the closest feeling of real-life bike riding on a stationary exercise bike, as well as the wind created by the fan.

Air resistance bikes don’t require any connection to a power source, as resistance is created by the fan blades themselves. This is a huge advantage for many users, as it not only saves on your power bill, but also provides greater convenience in where you can place your machine.

Air resistance bike exercises are unique in that they provide a complete, full-body exercise, targeting major muscle groups in the upper and lower body. Air bikes help to target multiple areas of fitness at once, improving your cardiovascular endurance, while developing functional strength in the legs, arms and core. They’re also a fantastic way to burn calories, as they naturally incorporate a greater energy expenditure by getting the whole body working. For a comprehensive workout, try doing some interval training involving peddling as fast as you can, then jumping off the bike to do some other exercise. Better yet, you can simply go back and forward between fast peddling and slow peddling on the bike itself.

Outside of air resistance bikes, there is a wide variety of options out there for you. The five main categories of exercise bikes are: spin bikes, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, air bikes and folding bikes. Spin bikes are a great indoor bike with adjustable resistance and a compact frame, perfect to high-intensity cardio workouts. Upright bikes have a more traditional bike design, ideal for low-impact workouts and toning the leg muscles. Recumbent bikes have a seat that is set back with pedals positioned in front of the rider, making them more comfortable for people with lower back pain or balance issues. Folding bikes are designed for easy storage and transportation, ideal for smaller spaces or working out on the go. Air bikes are dynamic resistance bikes that change intensity based on the effort exerted by the user and are great for HIIT workouts and targeting the upper body.

There are many advantages of a dynamic resistance air bike. They’re one of the best exercise bikes for a high intensity interval training (HIIT) exercise, as the user can automatically change resistance based on their peddling. This means you can go back a forward between a high intensity workout and lower intensity without having to manually change any settings on the machine. Unlike other exercise bikes, the air bike works the upper body simultaneously, producing a true full-body workout. Take advantage of this full body cardio workout for weight loss, muscle-building or overall fitness. Lastly, the levels of resistance on the bike are virtually limitless, as the fan resistance will always match the intensity of the user’s peddling. This makes them a great choice for beginners and advanced trainers alike.

If you’re looking to buy an exercise bike, the air resistance bike is a great option to consider. Give yourself the tools to truly accelerate your cardio workout and experience incredible full-body fitness results. Not only do they deliver a mind-blowing workout for the upper and lower body, but they provide a sensory experience as close as possible to real bike riding. With its dynamic resistance system, you’ll always be training at your fitness level, regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or a high-level athlete. Experience true versatility in your cardio workout, as you easily incorporate changes in intensity and speed.

Air Resistance Bikes

High intensity air resistance bike, perfect for all your HIIT workouts and your at home gym. Fitness equipment like this exercise bike are a great way to improve your cardio, weight management, strength training, health and wellness. A stationary bike like no other, the exercise air bike is the ultimate fat burner offering unlimited resistance for every workout.

Our top of the range air resistance bikes are made from commercial steel frames, which eliminates any side to side movements while riding. Our bikes are equipped with dynamic resistance and a reinforced dynamic rotating crank for superior performance. Ride for hours on end supported by the commercial chain drivetrain and 25” diameter steel fan.