Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise Bikes

Upright Exercise Bikes

Find the best exercise bike for you, with our extensive range of upright exercise bikes to suit your needs. Stationary bikes are a great addition to any home gym, and a fantastic way to improve your cardio, and get your body moving.


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Upright Exercise Bikes FAQ

When it comes to a bike workout you’ve got a couple of options, the two main ones being a spin bike or exercise bike. An exercise bike, or stationary bike, is typically used in general fitness programs and tends to be good for anyone who is wanting to improve their cardiovascular fitness levels, tone up and see better weight loss results. Upright exercise bikes cause less strain on the lower back, shoulder and neck making this bike a suitable low impact cardio machine. Exercise bikes are fitted with a lighter flywheel which will carry less momentum and you will find that pedalling is not as consistent. More display and tech features are available to you on an exercise bike including pre-set workout programs and automatic resistance changes.

A spin bike, on the other hand, is common to spinning group fitness classes, they are great for intensive cardio workouts to achieve weight loss and increase stamina. Spin bikes are preferred by on-road cyclists as they closely mimic the natural riding position of a push bike with the handlebar almost level to the seat. This style of riding supports high calorie burn exercises and interval workouts that require lifting out of the seat. Spin bike flywheels tend to be heavier compared to upright exercise bikes, making them better suited to exercises that involve quick resistance changes. Spin bikes have relatively simple components with a small LCD display offering basic workout statistics from time, distance, calories and RPM.

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The main difference between a spin bike and upright exercise bike is the riding style and goals you will achieve from these bikes. Exercise bike workouts focus on the core and lower body, they require you to be seated resulting less strain on the joints and more support to your body. Exercise bikes are more suitable for those looking for a casual, easy to use bike to improve your fitness levels. It is common to also feel more guidance on an exercise bike and find it easier to use. This tends to lead to riders feeling more confident on an exercise bike and finding them more enjoyable. On the other hand, spin bikes cater to more intensive interval workouts with high to unlimited levels of intensity allowing further progression and improvement from users. Spin bikes are great for riders wanting to push themselves through tough hill climbs or long sprints to burn calories and improve stamina.

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Finding the right exercise bike can be a challenge with so many different options available, the exercise bike that will work best for you will largely depend on your fitness goals and the workout you wish to complete. An upright bike is ideal for individuals looking to keep fit and stay active on a low impact machine. If you’re wanting to do fast-pace HIIT workouts, then an air bike would be the best option. For more versatility in your routine and a full body workout opt for the dual action exercise bike.

All exercise bikes will have adjustable seats offering a comfortable and accommodating ride for users of any size. For more versatility opt for an exercise bike with handlebar adjustments as well.

Exercise bikes offer various health benefits from boosting cardio fitness as well as strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles. Exercise bikes are a great machine for individuals looking for a low impact machine that will help achieve weight loss goals and burn fat. As exercise bikes focus primarily on the legs, users can expect to build leg muscles and develop more definition in the glutes and calves. Many individuals integrate an exercise bike into their workout routine with the goal of developing tone legs and improving their fitness levels which are both achievable on a stationary bike.

Exercise bike saddles are bigger and offer more padding, making it more comfortable in comparison to a spin bike. As a first-time rider, it may take a couple of rides for you to fully adjust to the feel of the seat. Most people find exercise bike saddles comfortable and supportive enough throughout long rides. Some tips to reduce any discomfort would be to ensure you are sitting upright and disbursing your weight evenly on the seat. It is also recommended to sit close to the front of the saddle to allow more room for your thighs.

Our exercise bikes are 90% pre-assembled, allowing for easy installation. Once unpacked, most models only require you to attach the handlebars, seats, pedals and floor levellers before your bike is ready to ride. Once assembled your exercise bike can be moved into any space via the easy transportation wheels.

Upright Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are a great cardio option for those looking to improve their fitness levels and keep active in the comfort of their own home. As a low impact cardio machine, upright stationary bikes are relatively easy on the joints and simple enough to use for individuals of any fitness level. The types of exercise bikes available for home use range from the standard upright exercise bikes, exercise air bikes, dual action exercise bikes, recumbent bikes and under desk mini exercise bikes. For more leisurely workouts upright exercise bikes prove to be a great option as users can stay seated and control their speed. Exercise bikes are also ideal for rehabilitation as the bike offers more comfort and support with the flexibility to set your own pace. Sitting upright causes less strain on the lower back, shoulder and neck making longer rides more comfortable.

Most Lifespan Fitness upright exercise bikes feature variable automatic resistance with a magnetic flywheel. Automatic resistance allows you to make quick changes to the intensity of your workout via the push of a button, making interval workouts possible. Some models will feature a resistance dial within arm's reach that can be adjusted to the pre-set levels. With magnetic resistance you will always receive a smooth silent ride with a steady cadence. Zero-to-minimal maintenance is required from a magnetic bike making them as easy as possible to care for. Some exercise bikes use air resistance, this is a large wheel situated at the front of the bike that uses air to generate resistance. You have complete control over the resistance, the harder you pedal the more resistance you will feel. Unlike other types of exercise bikes, air resistance bikes provides the advantage of unlimited wind resistance to customise every stage of your workout.

Our upright exercise bikes are fitted with a belt drivetrain for maximum durability and smoothness. The biggest advantage of this drivetrain is that it is extremely quiet, making it ideal for home use. In comparison, air bikes are louder, generating sound from the air moving through the fan so riders can hear their efforts and push themselves harder. As air moves through the wheel you will feel the breeze from the fan which will keep you cool during intensive workouts.

Flywheels are situated at either the front or rear of the bike. The weight of the flywheel affects the momentum and cadence of the ride. A heavier flywheel will feel smoother and carry more momentum throughout resistance changes. Typically exercise bikes hold lighter flywheels (7kg) in comparison to spin bikes as exercise bike workouts don’t typically involve sudden resistance changes altering the tempo. A lighter flywheel will also be easier to pedal and place less stress on the knees.

Stationary bikes are designed with the seat sitting lower and closer to the handlebars so you can cycle in an upright position. Exercise bikes will also be fitted with a wider seat, offering riders more comfort during longer training session. Our recumbent bikes feature an even larger seat with pedals positioned out in front of the body and back support offering extra support to users with posterior pain. All our exercise bikes offer 4-way adjustability (up/down and forwards/backwards) via the standard pin lock. Achieving the right seating position will allow you to get the most amount of comfort out of your ride and support proper riding ergonomics.

Handlebar height adjustments are fitted onto some models, opting for a bike with adjustable handlebars will be more accommodating to multiple users. Most exercise bikes will feature standard handlebars with integrated hand pulse sensors to monitor heart rate. Handlebars on upright bikes will not move, however dual action bikes and air resistance bikes have handles that require a push and pull movement from the arms simultaneous to pedalling. These handlebars offer an upper body workout, working to develop strength in the arm muscles and core as well. Our dual action bike operates as both an exercise bike and cross trainer, with the option of using the handlebars to engage a full body workout or sitting down and pedalling.

All our exercise bike frames are built with tubular steel, and vary in strength and stability. A stronger frame offers from bigger bikes will reduce the left to right wobble you get from rigorous pedalling and offer more stability for bigger riders. Our higher end commercial grade exercise bikes are built to stand the test of time with the heavy-duty commercial frame and components keeping the bike sturdy and resistant to rust.

Exercise bikes feature a display screen in the console with most models including an intuitive feedback system and larger display screen. Most LCD display screens will relay workout feedback including time, speed, distance, calories, pulse and RPM. Advanced displays will also track watts and room temperature. Pre-set programs are available on higher end models, a great feature for riders looking for customisable workouts. Pre-set workouts are great for beginners as they guide riders through workouts.

Exercise bikes are a great addition to the home gym, with a small footprint these machines don’t ask for much space. Some models can be folded up and store in tight spaces or in cupboards, making them more appealing to smaller homes. All exercise bikes come fitted with transport wheels making them easy enough for anyone to transport from room to room or into storage. If you struggle to get in time to exercise then an under-desk exercise bike may be just for you. The mini exercise bike helps keep you active and moving while working with its compact size small enough to fit under most desks. These bikes don’t skip out on many features with adjustable magnetic resistance and a display screen still included on this compact size

Exercise bikes offer various health benefits from boosting cardio fitness as well as strengthening the heart, lungs and muscles. Exercise bikes are a great machine for individuals looking for a low impact machine that will help achieve weight loss goals and burn fat. From intense interval training to slow pace cycling, exercise bikes are flexible and accommodating to various users and goals.