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Exercise Benches

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The cornerstone of a solid strength workout is a good, sturdy exercise bench, allowing for a variety of focused and compound strength exercises, and adjustments for every type of user. A weight bench is a simple yet endlessly useful tool when putting together a home gym, especially when you’re trying to save space. Choose between the sturdiness of a flat gym bench, or the diversity of an adjustable exercise bench for maximum utility.

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Exercise Benches FAQ

Overhead Slams: (Abdominals, triceps, shoulders, back, calves)

With your feet shoulder width apart, hold the slam ball on either side with palms facing in. Bring the ball up above head before throwing the ball down to the ground.

Overhead Toss (Abdominals, triceps, calves, pecs)

Again, hold the slam ball on either side. Bend your knees into a small squat, and bring the ball in between your legs. Shoot up by straightening your legs and torso as you throw the ball up clean overhead. Throw it so the ball lands in front of you.

Russian Twists (Obliques, abdominals)

Sit on the floor, holding a medicine ball with both hands up close to your chest. Raise your feet up off the ground, keeping yourself upright by bracing your core. Then, begin rotating the slam ball from side to side, rotating the torso with the slam ball.

Starting from 6kg in weight, CORTEX sells a selection of 10kg slam balls, 15kg slam balls up to 30kg slam balls. Using heavier weights for your slam ball workout will be better suited to focused strength training and muscle building. Lighter weights are great for incorporated cardio workouts, while also developing functional strength. It’s important to start slow with slam ball, especially if you’re new to them, and get a feel for how your body responds to them. From there, choose a weight that provides an adequate level of resistance and work for your muscles, as well as deciding what area of fitness you want to focus on. Click here for a more comprehensive breakdown on the different types of exercise ball and which will be right for you.

The key difference between slam balls and medicine balls is that the latter is not designed to be bounced or slammed. Medicine balls are better suited to lifting or holding rather than throwing around. Slam balls are designed to fall dead without a bounce, making them safe and convenient for throwing and slamming exercises.

All of Lifespan Fitness’ slam balls are built with the highest-quality materials, durable components and user-friendly design. We guarantee not only a great workout, but also a product that will last a long time, remaining durable and useable for much longer than many competitors. Our comprehensive collection of exercise gear and accessories means you have access to everything you need, all in one convenient location, all built to the same high quality. On top of all this, we go out of our way to make sure Lifespan Fitness gear looks great in your space, with modern designs and customisable options to make your workout space as comfortable as possible.

Lifespan Fitness offers multiple buy now pay later options, including Zip Pay and Open Pay which give you greater flexibility in purchasing your gym bench. These allow you to spread payments out while still receiving your product straight away. The payments are interest free, and can be spread out on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, and have no additional fees. ZipPay and OpenPay work slightly differently, so make sure to check through the details on their respective information pages.

We offer delivery Australia wide, and click and collect options at our warehouses in VIC and NSW. If you’re planning on collecting you gym bench yourself, please ensure you have an adequate vehicle with enough space to carry the gym mats. Click here for more information regarding delivery and click and collect options. If you have any questions regarding our range of products, you can contact us and our participating stores here, where we’ll be happy to help you find the right cubby house for your family. 

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Lifespan Fitness stocks an impressive variety of exercise benches, ensuring a suitable option for just about anyone. CORTEX’s multi-function weight benches are versatile, and feature many different adjustments depending on the type of workout or the muscle groups being targeted. An adjustable weight bench will allow the user to access a variety of seat angles and increases the number of exercises they’re able to perform. These range from 5-9 total angle settings, including both bench and seat variations for flat bench press, incline bench press and decline bench press options. We also stock flat gym benches, which are incredibly sturdy and create a solid base for heavier weights. Flat benches are especially useful for bench presses, which is a quintessential exercise bench workout. CORTEX’s gym benches are built with commercial-grade tubular steel for a sturdy base, and high-density leather upholstery to give you a comfortable experience in your workout. Some of our models feature the option to fold fully upright with wheels on the side of the frame for easy transportation and portability. A foldable exercise bench is ideal for those who may want to adjust their fitness area or want to save a little extra space.