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July 12, 2021

Which Exercise Ball Should I Use?

Want to incorporate exercise balls into your workout but not sure how or which ball to use? Exercise balls can be used in a variety of exercises to improve grip strength, burn calories and provide a full body workout. The exercise ball you choose to work with will depend on the desired intensity of your workout and which muscle group you aim to target. The incorporation of exercise balls into your training can offer various long-term benefits such as greater muscle mass, cardiovascular training and improved hand eye coordination. If you’re unsure what weight is appropriate for your level, keep in mind, you want the weight to be challenging but not near impossible to work with. 


Medicine Ball 

A medicine ball is a versatile exercise ball that can be incorporated into numerous free weight workouts and assist with functional training. If you’re someone who works out with a friend, then a medicine ball offers fun partner-based exercises. Including medicine balls into your training can offer numerous fitness benefits such as enhancing strength training and improving overall posture and balance. Medicine Balls are structured with a smaller diameter and rubber shell, made for durability and grip. The even weight distribution of medicine balls makes it easier to catch and throw, however we don’t recommend medicine balls for impact-based throwing or slamming workouts.  

Recommended Workouts: 

Single-leg Squat: in a standing position hold the medicine ball to your chest, lift one foot off the ground and extend it forward then lower your body into a squat. Switch legs and repeat.  

Russian twists: begin in a seated position with knees bent, feet off the floor and hold the medicine ball to your chest. Twist the ball to your left hip bone, then twist to the right making sure to keep your body centered. 

Single arm push-ups: start in a plank position with the medicine ball under one hand, then complete a push up by bending your arms to lower your body. Remember, to keep your back straight and head aligned with your spine. 


Slam Ball 

If you are looking for a higher intensity workout in comparison to the medicine ball, then the slam ball will challenge you to take on tougher and more explosive exercises. Slam balls, also known as dead balls, are a great means to increase muscular power and are associated with benefits such as increased muscle density, higher aerobic capacity and higher athletic performance. The slam ball is structured to withstand strong pounding and designed with a rubber textured surface for increased grip. For users wanting to work with heavier balls the slam ball offers a larger weight range of up to approximately 30kg. Most slam balls are structured with iron fillings or sand, which cause an imbalanced weight distribution, making it difficult to complete workouts you would generally undertake with a medicine ball. 

Recommended Workouts:  

Ball Slam: this exercise consists of lifting the ball over your head and aggressively throwing the ball towards the ground as you squat. 

Squat Throw: for this exercise hold the ball to your chest while you perform a squat, then throw the ball directly in front of you as you come up from the squat. 


Wall Ball 

Do you want to boost your power, utilize every muscle in your body, or simply throw a ball at a wall? Then you should incorporate a wall ball into your cardio and CrossFit training. Wall ball workouts accelerate your heart rate, making it great for burning calories and improving your cardiorespiratory fitness. In comparison to the medicine and slam ball, the wall ball is designed with a soft casting PU leather which offers more grip when your hands get sweaty and allows the ball to be dropped without damage. All wall balls are 35cm in diameter, meaning you can maintain a consistent grip across different weights.  

Recommended Workouts:  

Wall Ball Squat: this exercise requires you to perform a squat then utilize your lower body to push up and follow through with a powerful overhead throw against a wall. 

Forward underhand toss: for this workout hold the ball between your legs whilst in a wide squat position, then push up with an underhand toss towards the wall. 


Incorporating exercise ball training into your workout can offer various fitness benefits and spice up your workout routine if you tend to stick with machines. There are a variety of exercise balls on offer including the wall ball, medicine ball and slam ball which all offer a full body workout. You’ll never be bored with the endless workout possibilities that can be performed to suit everyone's fitness goals. 

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