Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are a favourite for your rehabilitation bike or seated exercise bike needs. Workout in comfort with the best exercise bikes for alleviating any discomfort or recovering injuries. The supportive backrest allows comfort and accessibility for you to workout in your home gym.

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Recumbent Bikes FAQ

Recumbent bikes and upright exercise bikes are popular low-impact cardio machines that are common to both commercial and home gyms. The main difference between the two machines is the riding position with recumbent bikes being designed so users can sit back into a reclined position and cycle whilst exercise bikes require riders to sit in an upright position.

With a comfortable seat and back support, the recumbent is ideal for seniors, people recovering from injury and those with limited fitness capabilities. The reclined seating position and pedals in front of the rider places less stress on the joints whilst reducing the risk of lower back injury. A recumbent bike targets your quads, glutes, calves and hamstrings to achieve weight loss goals and muscle development.

Upright bikes require riders to maintain their balance while riding which works to target not only the lower body but also the abdominal and arms. An upright bike is best for people looking to complete light cardio workouts or improve their fitness levels on a low impact machine. Upright bikes will have a smaller seat without a back rest and pedals placed directly below the user, with can be less comfortable but more effective in engaging more muscle groups during your workout.

The best recumbent bike for you will depend on your fitness goals and what you hope to get out of your bike. For bigger or multiple users, invest in a recumbent bike with a sturdied frame and good adjustability, these bikes will be more costly but will last in the long run. All Lifespan Fitness recumbent bikes feature a comfortable seat with increased support, some models have a mesh back rest for ventilation whilst others have a covered back rest. The right type of seat for you will depend largely on preference, if you are completing intensive cycling sessions where you will be sweating, a back rest with ventilation will be a good option. Higher performing models will come with higher resistance levels and a heavier flywheel, making it more accommodating for interval training and strength training. Otherwise, if the bike's main purchase is rehabilitation and light exercise, a cheaper recumbent bike will help reach those goals.

Recumbent bikes offer a great cardiovascular workout that can help you tone legs, improve mobility and achieve weight loss goals. A recumbent bike allows you to exercise your thighs, calves and glutes with less strain. One of the biggest benefits of a recumbent bike is that it takes less effort to balance and move the pedals, meaning most people can use this type of bike. Additionally, recumbent bikes are comfortable and safe to use so you can work out for longer.

Our recumbent bikes are partially pre-assembled, allowing for easy installation. Most of our recumbent bikes come with the chain, flywheel, and crankset already installed and sealed. The pedals, seat, handlebars, base stand, and display console will need to be installed once unpacked. Once assembled your recumbent bike can be moved into any space via the easy transportation wheels.

Recumbent Bikes are great low impact cardio machines that provide more support and comfort to users as opposed to an upright exercise bike. A recumbent bike is a great choice for those after an easy-to-use cardio machine that you can spend hours on. With a large backrest and wide comfort seat, the recumbent bike alleviates back discomfort and joint pressure. The reclining nature of the rehabilitation bike means you can work up a sweat without risking injury or strain, making these machines perfect for people undergoing physical rehabilitation. Recumbent bikes are also popular amongst seniors, beginners and people with limited fitness capabilities. For veteran cyclists, the recumbent bike can be a great alternative after retiring from on road riding.

Recumbent bikes focus on training your major muscle groups in the lower body including the quads, calves, glutes, hamstrings and even lower abs. Recumbent bikes offer multiple fitness benefits from burning calories, improving mobility, increasing muscle mass and improving cardiovascular health. Recumbent bikes can burn up to the same amount of calories as their equivalent upright exercise bike, while offering users the added back support.

With a wider seat and back rest, the recumbent bike provides riders with more support and comfort, encouraging longer training sessions. Lifespan Fitness recumbent seats are designed with proper ergonomics in mind to reduce lower back pain and promote proper posture. Some seats are fitted with a clear mesh back rest allowing for excellent ventilation during tough workouts. Whilst other models have a thicker contoured back rest and seat that sculpts to the body, providing proper lumbar support where you need it most. Most models have great seat adjustability making the recumbent bike accommodating to users of any size. Seat distance can be adjusted to ensure correct and safe riding positioning. Higher end models have a quick release lever allowing you to make quick adjustments while you ride, otherwise a pin lock is fitted onto our standard bikes.

With handlebars on both sides, the recumbent design encourages a natural hand placement making it easier for those with mobility challenges to balance themselves. Pulse sensors are fitted onto the handlebars, allowing you to monitor your heart rate while riding. Handlebars are also connected to the console giving riders the option lean forward and complete higher intensity rides that activate the lower abdominals. Unlike exercise bikes or spin bikes, pedals on a recumbent bike are positioned in front of the body, this design is better for beginners as you don’t have to hold yourself up while riding.

All Lifespan Fitness recumbent bikes have resistance levels to help you set the intensity of your ride and challenge yourself to a higher resistance workout. Standard models will have manual adjustable resistance which allows you to adjust the resistance dial to fine tune your workout. Whereas, higher end models will have automatic variable resistance where tension is adjusted via the push of a button. Higher performing models will also have a pre-set resistance of up to 32 levels, making it both suitable for a bigger range of fitness levels and for riders with muscle development goals. Otherwise, a lower resistance is suitable for users focused on undergoing light exercise. All models have magnetic resistance and a belt drivetrain, making your ride as smooth and consistent as possible. This combination also produces a silent ride making it a great piece of home gym equipment. Flywheels are fitted at the front of every recumbent bike ranging from 5kg, 6kg up to 7kg. A heavier flywheel carries more momentum for a smoother ride, this will also help maintain consistency during interval training.

All recumbent bikes feature a display screen integrated into the console with most models including an intuitive feedback system. Standard LCD display screens will relay workout feedback including time, speed, distance, calories, pulse. Advanced displays will also track watts and RPM. Pre-set programs are available on higher end models, a great feature for riders looking for customisable workouts. Pre-set workouts are great for beginners as they guide riders through workouts. A USB port and AUX input is also available on bigger models enabling riders to stay entertained while riding. Higher performing models will also have an integrated fan, keeping you cool during sweaty sessions.

Although recumbent bikes aren’t as compact as other cardio equipment on the market, they still make a great addition to home gyms with space to accommodate the machine. For users after a single machine to get in some light exercise or undergo rehab, a recumbent bike is all you’ll need. All Lifespan Fitness recumbent bikes have transport wheels making it easy to move the machine around the home.

Ultimately recumbent bikes can benefit any fitness level. These bikes are suitable for people who are new to working out, have certain health conditions, are recovering from injury or want to warm up before their workout. The supportive back position not only promotes good spinal alignment it also encourages users to stay on the bike for longer. Recumbent bikes are open to offering a range of fitness benefits from increasing strength and improving cardiovascular fitness all in a low-impact fashion.