The best treadmills for home workouts – improve your cardiovascular health, whether it’s by walking, jogging, or running. Our treadmills are the most popular home gym equipment on the market and the perfect addition to any home gym or studio.

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Home Treadmills

Improve your fitness levels and cardiovascular health within the comfort of your home on a treadmill. One of the quickest and most effective ways to burn calories, treadmills offer a full body workout that targets weight loss, builds stamina, improves heart health, strengthen muscles. Whether you're planning to use your treadmill for light walking or HIIT training, treadmills come in a range of compact and full sizes to accommodate any fitness level and workout. Motorised treadmills and manual treadmills are both great options for home use and give you the freedom to work out any time of the day or night without being affected by weather. Owning a treadmill offers the convenience of working out in your own home without having to share machines with others like you typically would in a gym.

Treadmills are extremely easy to operate with a wide range of features and customisation options that give users absolute control of their workout. With a huge range of treadmills on offer, we’ll have the right treadmill model to suit your needs. No matter your home gym space, treadmills come in a variety of sizes, opening up the potential for any home to accommodate a treadmill. Most of our treadmills are home friendly and designed to help you save space where possible. Soft drop folding technology (also known as HydraAssist) allows our bigger treadmills to be folded and stored in an upright position along with transport wheels to help you manoeuvre around the home. Our walking pads are quiet and slimmer than a full-sized treadmill, making them suitable for apartment living. Our foldable treadmills use folding technology that allows the treadmill to double over in half and be stored in tight spaces like under the bed or sofa. Walking and working is possible with our workplace treadmills. The foldable frame or absence of makes it easy to slide a treadmill under a standing desk. Our automatic standing desks are fitted with a control panel that allows users to electronically adjust the desk height. Our walking pads can be found across the Lifespan Fitness range.

The Lifespan Fitness range of treadmills vary from motorised treadmills to our FreeRun curved treadmills. Most of our treadmills are motorised, therefore packed with power required features which make them more popular for home use. Many users are familiar with or have used an electric treadmill as this is what is commonly available at gyms. Curved treadmills are less popular for home use, they are bigger, heavier and require more space as they cannot be folded. Curved treadmills simulate a natural running experience, appealing more to outdoor runners.

Our automatic treadmills make it easy to undertake interval training with automatic speed and automatic incline adjustments. With speeds from 0.3km/h to 20km/h you can automatically speed up or down the running belt using the display or frame handle buttons. Our treadmills can offer up to 22 levels of automatic incline, providing users with a more dynamic workout. Our entry level treadmills are equipped with manual incline levels that can be adjusted at the bottom of the running belt.

The most reliable way to assess the motor size and power of a treadmill would be to view the Continuous Horsepower rating (Also known as CHP). Our treadmills are fitted with motors ranging from 1.0 CHP to 4.0 CHP, a smaller motor size will accommodate walking whereas a bigger sized motor will withstand high-speed running sessions. Our full size treadmills will be fitted with a higher Continuous HP (CHP) rated motor, offering a stronger and longer lasting motor life. Home/Domestic Treadmill will be fitted with DC motors, which are home-friendly and operate quietly to minimise motor sound. Whereas, our Lifespan Fitness commercial treadmills are fitted with an AC motor for ultimate reliability and commercial use.

Getting the right amount of space and comfort from your treadmill running belt is essential in ensuring you have the necessary support during your workout. All Lifespan Fitness treadmills are fitted with a DuraGrip running belt, engineered with anti-static properties and a gripped surface. Most common home treadmill belt widths can be 400mm (or 40cm), 430mm (or 43cm), 440mm (or 44cm), 450mm (or 45cm), 480mm (or 48cm), 510mm (or 51cm), 520mm (or 52cm), 540mm (or 54cm) up to a massive 560mm (or 56cm) with our commercial range. Treadmill belt length is important for running, starting from 1200mm (or 120cm), 1300mm (or 130cm), 1400mm (or 140cm), 1500mm (or 150cm) up to a spacious 1520mm (or 152cm). Our treadmill running mats are integrated with shock control cushioning, designed to absorb shock and impact from running. Entry level treadmills feature a basic shock control cushioning system, whereas higher end treadmills are equipped with more support in the form of advanced shock control cushioning which is vital in protecting your knees, joints and ankles so that you can continue to run time and time again.

Our treadmills are designed to be extremely user friendly and can be used by almost everyone. Every treadmill model will be fitted with a screen that provides live data feedback, providing you a view on our current speed, distance, incline level (if applicable), time, pulse (if applicable) and even an estimate of calories burned. Our displays vary in size across different treadmill models featuring a slim, minimal integrated display, display screen that pops out from the frame or even touch screen interactive displays that provide an interactive experience. Pre-set workouts give you access to personal trainer advised programs to suit your needs and open yourself up to varying challenges. Custom workouts are also available on select models, allowing you to customise your own program to suit your needs. The frame and display system is designed to keep you training for longer with most models featuring a phone or tablet holder as well as a drink bottle holder so you can stay hydrated.

During run entertainment is standard in most treadmills' models with an AUX 3.5mm Input allowing you to play music and keep yourself pumped during your workout. Upgraded treadmills will offer Bluetooth connectivity. Most treadmills enable users to keep track of their heart rate with the integrated hand pulse sensors and select treadmill models will provide compatibility with heart rate chest straps that record an accurate BPM. Certain treadmills will offer increased safety features including Adaptive Speed Control and Lock Mode, these features are found on our walking pad treadmills. Handheld remotes are also available with our walking pad treadmills, allowing you to easily make adjustments without having to touch the display. FitLink App Compatible treadmills will give users the option to sync, record and manage workout data from a mobile device, as well as provide connections to popular apps such as Zwift & Kinomap. For users who prioritise visual entertainment, select treadmills are compatible with Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and social media platforms.

Treadmill exercises are known to elevate your heart rate to a healthy level enabling you to perform other exercise with ease, such as weight training and other cardio exercises. During a treadmill workout, multiple muscle groups are engaged which can link to supporting proper posture and increasing overall muscle definition.

Treadmills are currently one of the most popular cardiovascular machines that will help you not only look good but you’ll also feel good. Speak to our friendly team members today and we’ll be able to help you on your fitness journey.

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Treadmills FAQ

Maintenance is required for your treadmill in order to increase your treadmill's lifespan and ensure the smooth operation of your machine. Treadmill maintenance doesn’t take long to complete and will help keep your treadmill reliable for daily use. Lubrication is required for treadmills every 1-3 months depending on usage. Learning how to lubricate a treadmill is simple with resources and instructions available on the manual or on the Lifespan Fitness Youtube channel. To lubricate your treadmill simply apply a silicone spray or silicone oil underneath the belt, then run the belt through a couple of cycles to ensure the base is coated with the lubrication. Treadmill lubricant can be purchased on the Cardio Accessories section on the Lifespan Fitness website.

Belt alignment is also required if the belt repositions off centre and a gap is evident on one side. If you are unsure on how to align a treadmill belt, do not fret it is very easy. While the treadmill is running use the Allen key provided to adjust the rear adjustment bolt of the side that your treadmill belt is favouring in order to shift it towards the other side. If the belt is too far to the left turn the Allen Key to the right, the opposite applies if the belt is too far to the right. Full instructions are provided in the manual, otherwise a demonstration video is available on our Youtube channel.

Motor brushes will need to be replaced every 2 years on DC motors to keep your treadmill in tip top shape.

Lubrication, belt alignment and motor brushes replacement are the 3 main maintenance items required. Every treadmill is slightly different; therefore, it is best to refer to your owner's manual.

Like running outdoors, running on a treadmill indoors will provide similar health and fitness benefits. Running on a treadmill indoors can be a more convenient way to burn calories and build leg muscle as your workout isn’t affected by the weather. While running outdoors it can be difficult to maintain a consistent pace due to the unpredictable ground such as footpaths, gravel and traffic, however on a treadmill you can maintain the same speed making treadmills ideal for marathon training. Running on a treadmill can reduce the risk of injury as the flat, predictable and cushioned running belt offers better shock absorption making treadmills good for your knees.

Treadmills will normally come in 2 options- motorised or manual curved (also known as FreeRun). A motorised treadmill is common to gyms and homes with components including automatic speed, incline, motor, running belt and tech features. The motorised belt allows you to easily maintain your speed, forcing you to keep up with the set pace without inadvertently slowing down. More popular for home use, automatic treadmills tend to be smaller and more adaptable with a folding mechanism and slim options. For long-distance sprints and incline walks, a motorised treadmill is more accommodating. A manual curved FreeRun treadmill is appealing to outdoor runners looking for a natural walking, realistic running experience or users looking to sprint with high intensity training. With the ability to power the speed of the treadmill yourself, you’ll be able to set your own pace and at any speed you want. This is the reason why curved treadmills are exceptionally great for HIIT training, designed for unlimited speed, you’ll be able to sprint without being restricted by the top speed of a motorised treadmill. Both motorised and curved treadmills are for fitness training and health benefits from weight loss, building stamina and improving heart health, however, we recommend that if you’re looking for an effective workout, look for a curved manual FreeRun treadmill that will allow you to progress without restrictions.

Deciding on what’s the best treadmill for you will depend on a couple of factors. The type of workout you wish to undertake on a treadmill, how often you plan to use the treadmill, the number of people that will be using the treadmill and treadmill features important to you are all questions you will need to ask before purchasing. Your fitness goals may also influence your treadmill choice. If you are after a treadmill to help you lose weight then you may opt for a curved treadmill or automatic treadmill with higher speed and incline adjustments, capable of running and high intensity workouts. If you wish to use your treadmill frequently for runs or plan to share your treadmill with the whole family then a treadmill with a bigger belt and bigger motor will suit the whole family with users of different weights, heights and speed preference. Otherwise, if you hope to use your treadmill for light exercises such as walking, brisk walking, and a compact footprint is a priority, then our compact treadmills, such as the WalkingPad or V-Fold Treadmills are also great options.

All Lifespan Fitness are good treadmills for home use. Most treadmills can be folded, which can be great space savers in between workouts. Our friendly team will be able to advise and help you find the right treadmill for you.

All of our treadmills are easy to install with all tools provided in the box. Our 90% pre-assembled treadmills come with a simple to follow manual to ensure easy installation. Upon unpacking you will need to unfold the treadmill deck before securing the machine with the nuts and bolts then attach any secondary components. Some of our compact treadmill models including the V-FOLD and WalkingPad M2 come assembled in the box, making setting up your treadmill quick and effortless.

Cross Trainer vs Treadmill is a very common comparison that most customers will ask us when deciding on a cardio machine to start them on their weight loss journey. Although both are effective for burning calories and improving fitness levels, there are some distinct differences that win over some users over the latter options. Treadmills are great for completing varied and interval cardio workouts from sprints, long walks and incline walks. Treadmills will set the pace for you and you’ll have to run with it. This is better for users with less discipline in their workouts, especially for beginners. On the other hand, elliptical cross trainers are great for HIIT training, rehabilitation and low impact training that is more forgiving on the knees, joints and bones. Cross trainers are generally self-paced, users decide on their own speed and intensity, but resistance can be increased. Pre-set and custom programs are also available on Cross Trainers to allow you to follow a fitness regime.