Perform regular maintenance on your treadmill with Silicone Spray. Consistently lubricating your treadmill on a monthly basis will...
This is a Lifespan treadmill safety key designed to fit the majority of treadmill models. It measures 30mm...
Treadmill Cover
    Keep your treadmill looking new and clean with our Lifespan Treadmill Covers. Our covers are made from reliable...
    Equipment Mat 2.0m
      Suitable for a variety of surfaces including wooden floor boards and carpets, the Lifespan Fitness Equipment Mat is...
      Ergo Standing Desk
        Our dynamic ErgoDesk is designed to pair with our Walkstation Treadmill series to form the ultimate work &...
          Simplicity, flexibility and value – the Arc Treadmill speaks to a minimalist design without reducing essential fitness features....
          Pursuit Treadmill with FitLink
          There’s plenty of room in any home for the Lifespan Fitness Pursuit treadmill, but no room for excuses....
          Reformer Treadmill
            The Lifespan Fitness Reformer is made to help with fitness goals big and small! The Reformer is engineered...
            Bolt Treadmill
              A pure running machine with speed up to 16km/h, making it the perfect fit for your home. The...
              Walkstation B Treadmill Base
              Walk while you work with the Lifespan Fitness Walkstation B Treadmill. Our base only Treadmill can be paired...
              Boost-R Treadmill
                The Award Winning BOOST-R is a high performance machine for the achievement-oriented runner. Featuring the advanced 2.75 CHP...
                Walkstation B Treadmill & ErgoDesk
                Our Walkstation Treadmill B Paired with the dynamic ErgoDesk to form the ultimate work & walk treadmill desk....
                Apex Treadmill
                  Choose the Award winning APEX Treadmill for the peak running experience. Features include the heavy-duty 3.25 CHP EverDrive...
                  Torque 3 Treadmill
                    Get the personal trainer experience at home with the Lifespan Fitness Torque 3 treadmill. A whopping 99 preset...
                    Viper Treadmill
                      Experience the cutting edge of running tech with the high-performance Viper M3. This luxe fitness machine with serious...
                      Everest Incline Trainer Treadmill
                      A revolution in burning calories, the Everest from Lifespan Fitness is making strides up, and downhill to bring...
                      Feel a more natural running style when on Corsair FreeRun 100. Experienced the natural sweep of your feet...
                      Marathon Commercial Treadmill
                        The ultimate treadmill, the Marathon delivers a top of the range running experience with it’s robust commercial components...
                        Experience the ultimate freedom to control your own pace and intensity with the Corsair FreeRun 200. Unlimited speed...


                        Our treadmills are value packed and allow you to run at any speed from 1km/h up to 20km/h. These treadmills range from the very basic treadmill models up to the top of the line treadmill options.

                        TMARC Back Order - Ships in 6 Weeks


                        TMPURSUIT2 Back Order - Ships in 4 Weeks

                        RRP $789.00$649.00

                        TMREFORMER Back Order - Ships in 11 Weeks

                        RRP $899.00$699.00

                        TMBOLTM2 Back Order - Ships in 6 Weeks

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                        TMBOOSTR Back Order - Ships in 5 Weeks

                        RRP $1,249.00$1,099.00

                        TMAPEX Back Order - Ships in 5 Weeks

                        RRP $1,549.00$1,349.00

                        TMTORQUE3 Back Order - Ships in 10 Weeks

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                        TMVIPERM3 Back Order - Ships in 6-8 days

                        RRP $2,399.00$1,869.00

                        TMEVEREST-SET Back Order - Ships in 10 Weeks

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                        TMCORSAIRFR100 Back Order - Ships in 10 Weeks


                        TMMARATHON Back Order - Ships in 11 Weeks

                        RRP $3,499.00$3,399.00

                        TMCORSAIRFR200 Back Order - Ships in 8 Weeks


                        Treadmill Desks

                        Treadmill desks and workstations are utilised in a different way than a conventional workout treadmills, the maximum speed is only 6-8kph.

                        ERGODESK Back Order - Ships in 5 Weeks

                        RRP $399.00$299.00

                        TMWALKSTATIONB Back Order - Ships in 10 Weeks

                        RRP $1,249.00$999.00

                        TMWALKSTATIONB-ERGODESK Back Order - Ships in 10 Weeks

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                        Treadmill Accessories

                        SILSPRAY In stock


                        TMSAFETYKEY-GENERIC Please contact us for Stock Availability


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                        MATTREADMILL Back Order - Contact us for Stock Availability

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