Exercise Balls

Exercise Balls

Exercise Balls

For a versatile and inexpensive upgrade to your fitness routine, a Lifespan Fitness exercise ball is a great option for anyone looking a great home workout. Engage major muscle groups to improve posture, core strength, balance and stability, all while enjoying our premium-quality materials that will last the long haul.

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Exercise Balls FAQ

There are many ways to make use of an exercise ball. Here is a sampling of exercises you try to get you started.  

Ball leg curl (Abdominals, calves, hamstrings)
Lie on your back with the gym ball in front of you. Bring both feet up on top of the ball, ensuring your calves and heels are resting on it. Activating your core and glutes, roll the ball towards you to as close as you can, then slowly straighten your legs back out.  

Wall Squat (Abdominals, hamstrings, quadriceps)
Put the exercise ball against the wall, then press against it with your lower back. Carefully lower yourself down, bending your knees and keeping your feet in the same position. Hold the squat for a few seconds then slowly stand back up.  

Rollout (Core, shoulders, upper back)
With the gym ball in front of you, kneel on the ground and press your hands together. Place your hands on the exercise ball, then brace your abdominals as you slowly roll forward. Use your forearms to roll back up to the starting position. 

Using either the ball pump provided or your own compatible pump, insert the pump’s nozzle in the valve, ensuring that it’s locked correctly in place. Begin pumping the ball with air in short bursts, being careful not to overinflate. To make you’re inflating to the correct size, measure out the size of your exercise ball on the ground and place two items on either side. Begin pumping the ball in between the two objects and stop once the ball is touching both.

Exercise balls are generally safe for use while pregnant, but it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before starting an exercise plan. Strenuous abdominal workouts are advised against, and it’s recommended to stick with workouts with both feet on the floor, making sure you’re stable and upright during the exercise. If you’re concerned about when to start using an exercise ball during pregnancy, know that they’ll be safe to use an at any stage of pregnancy, but preferably earlier on. Some good exercises to try are wall squats, pelvic floor exercises, and ball circles.

Exercise balls can offer several benefits as an alternative to a traditional chair. This includes an improved posture, as well as promoting better balance and stability. It can help reduce back pain and prevent stiffness cause by prolonged sitting. Using it as a replacement for your office chair can have positive benefits for increasing blood flow and oxygen to the body, leading to increased energy and productivity.

At Lifespan Fitness, we offer a convenient ‘buy now pay later’ scheme through Zip Pay. This allows you to spread out payments over the course of between 3 months, all the way up to 60 months. These payments are interest free, with a monthly account fee which is waived if you have nothing owing. For purchases between $30 and $2000, you can purchase your product through 4 interest free payment using AfterPay or PayPal. Check out the information page above to see if these options appeal to you.

Buy Lifespan Fitness’ premium-quality exercise balls today and get access to convenient delivery services Australia wide. You can also opt for a click and collect option for our warehouses in VIC or NSW, or shop in store at one of our accredited dealers. For click and collect, it’s recommended to have an adequately sized SUV, Van, Wagon or Large Tray Ute. For safety reasons, we cannot force a product that does not physically fit into your vehicle. Check out our delivery and pickup information page for more information.

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Regardless of your experience level and personal goals, exercise gym balls are simple yet impressively beneficial tools to enhance multiple areas of fitness. Whether you’re looking to improve basic mobility, or you’re after a real challenge that will take your regime to the next level, exercise balls have you covered.  

Gym balls have a range of benefits for your fitness and health, such as improved core strength, posture, balance and stability, as well as reducing risk of injury and back pain. These simple, low-impact tools allow you to engage multiple muscle groups at once, helping to add sophistication and precision to your workout.  

Made with superior quality materials, our exercise balls come built-in with UV resistance and super strong anti-burst technology. This ensures a long life and the ability to handle tough workouts, making them a reliable addition to your fitness setup.  

Our selection includes a variety of sizes, such as a 55cm exercise ball, and the larger 75cm exercise ball, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your body and exercise routine. If you’re wondering what size exercise ball you need, it’s generally best to match it with your height, with 75cm balls for someone over 170cm, and a 55cm ball for those shorter. Additionally, our gym balls come with a pump included, so you can get started with your setup straight out of the box.