Weighted Balls

Weighted Balls

Weighted Balls

You'll be feeling the burn with our range of Cortex medicine balls, slam walls, and wall balls incorporated in your next workout. Weighted fitness balls are extremely versatile and are a great form of free weights training. Develop strength, power, endurance, and form with our range of gym balls. Perfect for solo fitness exercises or partner passing exercises in your home gym. 

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Medicine Balls, Wall Balls, Slam Balls and Accessories

Jump into a high intensity workout with a Cortex wall ball exercise. Our wall balls are constructed with a soft PU leather shell that is comfortable to use, even when an intense workout makes your palms sweat. Trust in the durability of our design; our quality stitching will see you through use after use. Even weight distribution throughout our balls makes throwing and catching easier and safer.

Our Cortex medicine balls can be smaller in diameter compared to wall balls, which makes them a great option for those looking for a gym ball that’s easier to maneuverer, throw, and catch. Enhance your strength performance with equal distribution of weight across the medicine ball for greater consistency. Commercial quality design, with a rubber shell for exceptional durability, our medicine fitness balls retain their shape overtime. The rubber also creates a strong textured surface to grip during intense workouts.

Our Cortex slam balls are built as an alternative to medicine balls, as they can withstand a strong pounding through the toughest workout. Ball slam exercises are high intensity, full body workouts, and these fitness balls will be able to withstand anything with their hard, durable PVC shell. With a range of textures surfaces, from a tyre tread grip to a textured surface pattern makes our slam balls easier to grip even when you're working up a sweat.

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