Squat Racks

Squat Racks

Squat Racks

Level up your strength routine with our reliable, heavy-duty Squat Racks, accommodating a range of compound and targeted strength workouts. Browse our range for the highest quality Squat Racks Australia wide.

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Squat Racks FAQ

While it’s possible to safely perform barbell squats without a squat rack, you’ll be limited in your ability to take on heavier weights. Squat racks help the user mainly in the set up for squat, allowing them to get into position before taking on any weight. Without a squat rack, you’ll need to lift the barbell clean overhead, which can be dangerous/impossible if lifting heavier weights. As such, it’s really only recommended to go without a squat rack if you’re very comfortable lifting the chosen weight overhead. Click here for a more extensive breakdown of lifting weights for the first time.

This will depend on the barbell you choose to use on the squat rack. The CORTEX range of squat racks will be compatible with both Standard and Olympic barbells, which will come in a variety of sizes, styles and weights. A Standard barbell will typically be around 7kg, while Olympic bars will weigh between 15kg and 20kg. This is important to take into account, as it will affect how much further weight you can place on the bar, as well as how you handle the bar itself.

You can absolutely use your squat rack to get some bench presses in. However, you’ll need your own exercise bench as the CORTEX squat rack range won’t have the bench included. Getting yourself an exercise bench is a great way to get the most out of your squat rack, allowing for a much more extensive range of exercises and creating a safer environment.

Our range of squat racks will come with adjustable J-Hooks, which can be taken out and placed at multiple points along the rack. There are also adjustable safety spot bars to catch the bar if it falls. Adjustments are designed to be as easy and secure as possible, so that you can get on with your workout with the least amount of hassle possible, while still feeling safe. Make sure to consult your product manual to get a clearer picture on how your squat rack works.

Using a Squat Rack is an efficient way of building strength in large muscle groups across the entire body. Squat Racks accommodate a number of barbell and bodyweight exercises, mainly used for functional strength and hypertrophy. The main one is, of course, barbell squats. Having a good rack to perform squats with is important, as it will affect the amount of weight you’re able to take on. Without a Squat Rack, you’ll have to lift the bar clean overhead, something which becomes very difficult if you’re working with the top of your weight range. With a proper rack, you can work with much heavier weight loads safely and securely.  

There are many advantages afforded by a portable Squat Rack over other, much larger gym stations. They offer the closest you can get to a full-body, gym quality strength workout while still remaining compact enough to fit in most spaces. If you already have free weights and barbells, then you’ll be getting more utility out of your equipment. If you need some advice on putting together your home gym, check out our blog post here.  

This will depend on which model you’re looking at, but generally they’ll be around 30kg-40kg. This is an important factor if you’re looking to transport your Squat Rack yourself, or even just move the frame around your home. Keep in mind that the barbell you use will also add to the overall weight, with barbells weighing anything between 7kg for Standard bars, all the way up to 20kg for Olympic bars. The weight is also an important component in the stability of the rack, as it means it can handle a greater amount of weight, higher levels of intensity.

Squats themselves are a dynamic, compound exercise that work your lower body and abdominals. They naturally incorporate the whole body, as the upper and lower body function together to improve overall utility and efficiency of the muscles. Other exercises include barbell shrugs, a great workout for the upper back and shoulders, and shoulder presses, which work the upper body muscles in the shoulders, triceps and core. If using a Squat Rack with pull up bar, you can work in some bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, chin ups or leg raises. Check out our blog post for a guide on how to get started lifting weights.  

With Lifespan Fitness, you can take advantage multiple buy now pay later options, such as Zip Pay or Open Pay. These allow you to spread payments out while still receiving your product straight away. The payments are interest free, and can be spread out on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, and have no additional fees. ZipPay and OpenPay work slightly differently, so make sure to check through the details on their respective information pages. 

If you’re concerned with how much does a Squat Rack cost, you can be rest assured that Lifespan Fitness stocks the best quality affordable Squat Racks. Lifespan Fitness is the best place to buy Squat Racks online, offering delivery Australia wide, and click and collect options at our warehouses in VIC and NSW. If you’re planning on collecting yourself, please ensure you have an adequate vehicle with enough space to carry the equipment. Click here for more information regarding delivery and click and collect options. If you have any questions regarding our range of products, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help you out.     

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While they may seem simple at first, Squat Racks offer an impressive range of benefits for your personal fitness. They’re a favourite for those putting together their home fitness setup, as they offer a convenient, space-efficient alternative to larger gym stations , facilitating a full-body strength workout. Our home gym Squat Racks feature a durable steel frame, built with heavy-duty 14-gauge steel tubing, supporting a range of barbell exercises. They have a wider footprint than other gym Squat Racks, and are compatible with both Standard and Olympic barbells. Along the frame, there are adjustable J-Hooks that can be placed at multiple points along the vertical bars, from which you can hang your barbell. As the name suggests, a key function of an adjustable Squat Rack is to allow the user to perform barbell squats. However, gym Squat Racks have since evolved to become highly versatile machines, suitable for bench press, shoulder press and a diverse selection of other exercises, targeting a number of muscle groups. They will also feature safety spot bars to catch the barbell if it falls, or if you need to drop the bar at any point. You’ll also find pegs at the bottom of the frame, which can be used to attach resistance bands and increase the difficulty of your squats, or perform more specialised exercises. Our models will come with a pull-up bar at the top, in order to perform additional bodyweight exercises. If you’d like more information on how to use Squat Rack, check out our blog post here.