Rear Drive Cross Trainers

Rear Drive Cross Trainers

Rear Drive Cross Trainers

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Rear Drive Cross Trainers FAQ

Rear drive cross trainers are a good machine to begin with if you're just starting off in your fitness routine. Rear drive machines are small, simple to use and low impact, meaning there's very little risk of injury or muscle tension. They're also comparatively affordable, making them a popular option for home gym environments. Rear drive machines generally have fewer moving parts and are therefore much easier to maintain. If you're just getting started in your fitness journey, a rear drive cross trainer is a great option to consider for building an effective fitness habit.

Rear drive cross trainers provide a true, full body workout, targeting major muscle groups in the lower and upper body. Cross trainers are a functional strength workout, meaning they target the muscles you actually use in your day-to-day life. They're a much more efficient form of exercise than running or walking, as well as being safer.

In the lower body, the main muscle groups targeted will be the quads, thighs, glutes ankles and calves. In the upper body, the core is engaged throughout to maintain balance and stability, as well as the chest, shoulders, back and arm muscles.

Through regular cross trainer use, you can expect to grow and maintain the important muscle groups across the body, building functional strength, and improving overall fitness.

Weight loss is all about maximising your energy output for the highest calorie burn. Rear drive cross trainers work multiple areas of fitness simultaneously, improving your cardiovascular endurance, functional strength and building muscle. This makes rear drive cross trainers great machines for weight loss, as they are highly efficient at maximising your energy output. The great advantage of a cross trainer is the lack of impact, meaning you can easily accelerate your workout to greater intensities without unnecessary muscle tension. This makes it much easier to achieve greater weight loss results, as you can intensify your workout to whatever level is suitable for you. Our rear drive models also feature adjustable levels of resistance, providing an extra level of control over the intensity of your workout, allowing you to burn more calories.

While both rear drive and front drive provide excellent, full-body workouts, there are a few key differences between the two in terms of how they feel to use. The main difference will be the stride feel, which refers to the sensation of the machine's motion. Rear drive machines provide a hopping motion that tends to mimic the feeling of walking downhill, while front drive cross trainers have a flatter, more even stride. Rear drive cross trainers are also usually smaller than front drive, resulting in a more contained movement. The stride length will shorter, however this will also depend on the model you're using. A shorter stride length will also feel a lot more comfortable for shorter users, and it's always recommended to get a machine that's compatible with your height. For a more comprehensive breakdown between front and rear drive machines, check out our blog post here.

There are a few considerations to look at when deciding on the right rear drive cross trainer for your needs. The first thing to look at is the size of the machine. This will be important not just for ensuring that it fits within your space, but also that it's compatible with your body. Cross trainers come in a variety of sizes, and you'll be most comfortable with a machine that suits your size.

If you're a taller user, you'll want to get a cross trainer with a long stride length. Lifespan Fitness has models going up to 50cm in length.

You may also want to consider any additional features you might use in your cross-trainer workout, such different resistance levels, smartphone compatibility, reversible motion and display screens. If using a machine with Variable Automatic Resistance (VAR), you'll usually have the option of using a pre-programmed exercise that will take you through automatic changes in resistance.

Lifespan Fitness' rear drive cross trainer range also includes hybrid machines, that double as a spin bike and even have slots to hook in resistance bands. This is a great all-rounder option which combines the best of both worlds for a comprehensive cardio setup.

There's a lot to choose from, so if you need any assistance, don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team and we'll be happy to help you on your fitness journey.

Rear Drive Cross Trainer

Elliptical cross trainers are quickly becoming one of the most popular cardio machines for both the gym and the home. They offer an unbeatable full-body exercise, delivering a workout that both accelerates your heart rate while building functional strength. Cross trainers are operated by rotating a flywheel through both the foot pedals and moving the handles back and forth. This creates a rounded, full-body workout that works simultaneously to build and maintain muscle, while providing a great cardiovascular exercise.

A rear drive cross trainer machine places the flywheel at the back, as opposed to a front drive which will place it at the front. Rear drive elliptical trainers are typically smaller and more affordable than a front drive, making them an increasingly popular option for home fitness spaces. This type of cross trainer provides a more rounded up and down motion that follows the shape of the user’s body, and tend to give more of a feeling of walking downhill, or down a flight of stairs. Rear drive models are probably the best cross trainer for a beginner/intermediate trainer, or users who simply want a convenient, portable option that won’t break the bank.

Being simpler in design, rear drive ellipticals have fewer moving parts that require regular maintenance. These models are entirely sealed at the base of the unit, without any exposed rollers or arms that might be present on a front drive machine. This makes for a safer experience with less direct points of contact with moving parts, and more peace of mind if you have pets or children around your machine.

These more compact elliptical trainers are great for those with limited space, or those who wish to transport their equipment to different locations. Lifespan Fitness cross trainers will usually have a set of wheels at the bottom to make moving around that much easier. However, it’s still possible to find Lifespan cross trainers that are slightly longer, and therefore have a larger stride. This is a good choice for taller users, providing a fuller, more natural motion.

Depending on the machine, resistance on a rear drive cross trainer can be adjusted in one of two ways. There’s mechanical resistance, which is controlled using a twist dial on the machine, or there’s variable automatic resistance, or VAR, which allows you to alter resistance on a touch screen. VAR uses a high-quality motor to allow for quick, smooth changes on the fly. This makes interval training and varied workouts easier, allowing the user to switch between a low impact or high intensity cardio session. Choosing a machine with higher resistance levels available will ensure you can progress to those greater intensity workouts, especially if you’re looking at high intensity interval training. Our cross trainers come with resistance levels ranging from 8 levels up to 24 levels on our larger front drive models.

If you do get a machine with VAR, you’ll also be glad to hear that your rear drive cross trainer comes with workout programs. These are pre-programmed exercises wherein you’ll be guided through a specific workout, with automatic resistance changes throughout. This will be tremendously useful if you’re a beginner, as you can go about your workout with the confidence that you’re getting the most out of your machine. For advanced users, you’ll find great value in being able to lock down a set routine for consistent results. There’ll even be options for create your own custom programs for personalised training. Workout programs allow you to fine tune your workout, such as using lower resistance levels for warm ups, then gradually increasing as you warm up, then lowering for a cool down. They’re also effective for your HIIT workout, allowing you to easily switch between high and low levels of resistance automatically. It’s always good to look out for a machine with programs, especially for beginners.

Lifespan Fitness also stocks a selection of Reebok cross trainers, which offer incredible quality components, sleek designs and a range of smart features to accelerate your elliptical workout. Otherwise, we have a full range of Lifespan Fitness brand rear drive cross trainers for you to choose from, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Among our rear drive models, we also offer hybrid ellipticals, which doubles as a cross trainer and spin bike. This is the perfect choice for those who want a more compact fitness setup, and want as much value out of a single machine as possible.

Cross trainer benefits are extensive and diverse, assisting in the improvement of many different areas of fitness. Like many cardio workouts, elliptical cross trainers provide great cardiovascular health benefits. Regular use of a cross trainer is highly effective at improving your general aerobic fitness, increasing endurance and toning the entire body. For users with limited fitness capabilities or pre-existing injuries, a cross trainer is a perfect supplementary training option to add to your fitness routine that is low impact on the knees, joints and back. This also reduces the likelihood of an injury. For regular gym goers and athletes, an elliptical can be easily adapted to meet your training needs through increasing resistance, incline and pace.

An elliptical cross trainer is also one of the best ways to burn calories and lose weight. You will typically burn more calories on a cross trainer as opposed to other cardio equipment such as an exercise bike. An elliptical recruits more muscles through the use of both your arms and legs to provide a full body fat burn workout. You can burn more calories on a cross trainer by increasing your pace, intensity, resistance and incline. An elliptical relies on you to generate the pace and speed of the workout, so the number of calories you burn each session depends on the intensity of your workout. A rear drive cross trainer delivers all these benefits in an affordable, compact machine that safe and easy to use. If you’re looking for the ultimate cardio machine that’s convenient and low impact, a rear drive cross trainer is probably the best choice out there. If you have any question regarding our range of rear drive models, don’t hesitate to get in touch with friendly team, and we’ll help you along your fitness journey.