Steppers & Stair Climbers

Steppers & Stair Climbers

Stair Climber & Stepper Machines

Steppers are the ultimate cardio training for your home gym. Find the best stair climber for the most natural workout experience. Achieve a full body workout and improve your cardiovascular health with our aerobic stepper machines.

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Steppers & Stair Climbers FAQ

Step machines can work different muscle groups depending on the exercise or method. The main players for this type of workout will be the major leg muscles, such as the calves, hamstrings and glutes. Other variations, such as a farmer's walk, where you hold free weights on either side of you as walk/run, will incorporate upper body muscles, such as triceps, biceps, core and shoulder muscles. Ultimately, you can use a Stair Climber to train a variety of fitness modalities, and is useful for both cardiovascular health, and developing functional strength.

Stepper Machines add a new dimension to your cardio workout compared to something like a treadmill. While incline is an option on many treadmills, the stair climber will place more weight on the quads, delivering more focused work for the muscles. Stair climbers also take out a lot of the impact that normal running creates, meaning you'll most likely experience less strain and tension as you intensify your workout. This makes the stair climber an efficient, safe cardio machine, great for improving your endurance and heart health.

A Stair Stepper Machine is a great addition to your home gym, as it provides an efficient, intense cardio exercise that goes above and beyond regular workout gear. Having a home stepper machine means you always have access to great cardiovascular training, as well as developing muscles in different parts of the body with variations in technique.

Climbmills, Stepmills and Stair Climbers are all cardio exercise machines that simulate the action of climbing stairs. They all share the concept of rotating steps, but will each contain slightly different features. You can get the same great functional benefits from a Climbmill or Stepmill as you get from a Stair Climber, so it's up to personal preference which one is right for you.

Stair Climbers are remarkably simple to operate, and are suitable to just about any user. At the top of the machine, you'll find a console with large LCD screen, featuring controls to turn the Stair Climber off or on, and then to adjust the speed. At the bottom of the machine, there's a handy step on each side to get up onto the main steps. Make sure to use the large hand rails on each side to get up on the machine safely. Once the Stair Climber is running, you can continue to use the hand rails to support yourself as you run or walk, or support yourself with free hands.

The Stair Climber features a rotating series of steps, creating a workout as close as possible to real stair climbing. Our Stair Climbers have a top speed on 164 steps per minute, but you can always adjust the speed to suit your level. It is a highly useful machine for taking your cardio routine to the next level, going above and beyond the benefits of a standard treadmill. It's also a great functional workout, developing the utility and functionality of the leg muscles in a way that's actually useful in everyday life.

Weight loss is all about maximising your calorie burn, which is achieved by increasing the level or duration of energy exertion during exercise. Stair Climbers not only amplify the effects of normal treadmill exercise, but provide options for increased speed and intensity for the ultimate calorie burn. This makes Stepper machines incredibly efficient for weight loss and burning fat, helping you achieve your goals in a safe, consistent and repeatable way.

While it's true that Stair Climbers might not be the best option for those with excess muscle tension in the knees, as long as your using safe technique, Stair Climber exercises won't cause knee pain. In fact, Stair Climbers provide a great workout for the entire lower body, helping to strengthen the muscles around your knees and prevent future injury.

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Lifespan Fitness offers delivery for stair climber machines Australia wide, or click collect options for our warehouses in VIC or NSW. For click and collect, it's recommended to have an adequately sized SUV, Van, Wagon or Large Tray Ute. For safety reasons, we cannot force a product that does not physically fit into your vehicle. Check out our delivery and pickup information page for more information.

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For an effective functional workout that builds strength and gets your heart pumping, our range of Steppers and Stair Climber machines bring whole new levels of intensity to your fitness routine. So, what does a stepper machine do? Stair climbers/Stairmasters create a workout as close as possible to true stair climbing, with the ability to incorporate different exercises and techniques, such as lunges, side strides or farmer's walk to target different muscle groups. These machines include a large LCD screen with user friendly controls, allowing you to quickly change your speed or cycle through workout programs. Options for step speed will vary between 24 and 164 steps/min, offering a great challenge to even the most experienced of trainers. You also get access to comprehensive workout data such as time, distance, pulse and calories burned. In terms of materials, our models use high-quality, commercial grade steel to ensure a sturdy frame. This not only creates a stable base on which to accelerate your workout, but makes sure that your machine will last for a long time to come. Lifespan Fitness has the highest quality stair climber machine for sale, with commercial grade steel that promises a long life, and durability.