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Accelerate your lower body routine and achieve serious leg day results with our selection of dedicated Leg Press machines. Having a Leg Press at home offers the ultimate convenience and consistency for those who want real results. These machines offer a safe, supportive design that protects the rest of your body, allowing you to focus on your leg workout and push yourself to your limit. Choose between a comprehensive hybrid Leg Press and Hack Squat machine, an incline Leg Press or a compact vertical Leg Press design for smaller home spaces.

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Leg Press FAQ

The key muscle groups worked in a Leg Press exercise will be the quads and the glutes. However, what’s great about this type of workout is the range of motion it involves, meaning it targets a full spectrum of muscles across the entire lower body. This means you’ll also see great results in the hamstrings and calves. These are incredibly important muscle groups that can be difficult to target directly, making this machine tremendously useful.

Both Leg Presses and squats will deliver a great strength workout for the lower body, but there are key differences and advantages to a Leg Press. With a Leg Press, you’re able to load up a lot more weight than you would with a squat. A Leg Press is also much more targeted, so you’ll see greater results if lower body strength is your aim. Squats can also be difficult if you have shoulder or back pain, with Leg Presses taking a lot of the pressure off the rest of the body. Leg Presses are also a good choice for those who may struggle with balance, as squats can be a real challenge to your stability.

This will differ depending on the type of machine you’re using, namely whether it’s a vertical or incline Leg Press. First, take note of where the padded back and head rest is on the machine, and lay down in the appropriate position. Place your feet on the footplate about hip width apart, then extend your legs while pushing the rest of your body against the back rest. Pause at the top of the movement without locking your knees, before bending them back down. Make sure to start off with lower weights and only increase as you feel comfortable.

A Leg Press machine delivers a level of convenience and consistent results that is difficult to achieve otherwise. If you’re serious about improving your lower body strength, it’s hard to pass up the option to have a dedicated leg workout in your own home gym. The leg muscles are a problem area for many people, as they’re not as straightforward to train as other major muscle groups, but are incredibly important in your overall fitness. We offer compact options for those with limited space, and all of our machine will be compatible with both Standard and Olympic weight plates. 

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Investing in a home gym station is not only about convenience and utility, it's about setting up a space for you to focus on your goals and demonstrate your dedication. A home Leg Press machine will invigorate your home fitness workout and provide the tools for achieving whatever goals you may have. A Leg Press is a machine that allows you to attach weight plates to create an isolated resistance exercise for your lower body. This assists in building the major muscle groups in the legs, especially the quads and glutes. The main two types will be a vertical Leg Press, and incline Leg Press. Incline Leg Presses usually come as a hybrid machine, with the inclusion of a Hack Squat mechanism as well. Hack Squats are similar to Leg Presses, and work the same muscles, however a Hack Squat can provide more of a workout for your core as well. A Leg Press is also quite simple, with very little risk of injury or damage, meaning you’re able to train harder while staying safe. This machine ensures a stable, efficient exercise regardless of skill or experience level, making them a great choice for beginners and advanced users alike. Our machines are compatible with both Standard and Olympic weight plates, and you can also purchase packages inclusive of Leg Press and Olympic Tri-Grip weight plates.