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SP Series

Train harder with Unlimited Friction Resistance

RRP $589.00
41% OFF - SAVE $239.42

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13kg TrueSpin™
Heavy Duty Flywheel

128cm x 120cm (L x H)
Commercial Frame

200cm Max
User Height

3 Piece Crank

RRP $659.00
38% OFF - SAVE $244.67

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18kg TrueSpinTM Flywheel

High Quality
Steel Frame

190cm Max
User Height

LCD Display


25kg TrueSpin™ Heavy Duty Flywheel

25kg commercial grade carbon steel

190cm Max
User Height

3 Piece Crank

SM Series

Experience silent, smooth and maintenance free magnetic resistance

RRP $629.00
39% OFF - SAVE $242.90

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6kg Magnetic
Inertia Flywheel


Hybrid Magnetic &
Mechanical Resistance


Fore and Aft


Large Tablet
& Phone Holder

RRP $779.00
30% OFF - SAVE $225.92

ON SALE NOW - EOFY Sale ends June 30

Commercial Grade 12kg Flywheel


13 Levels of Magnetic Resistance


200cm Max User Height


Multi-Functional LCD Display


RRP $1,199.00
35% OFF - SAVE $416.90

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Magnetic Flywheel


500W Resistance

500W MAX

8 Levels Incline Decline


Sport Saddle


RRP $1,399.00
31% OFF - SAVE $421.45

ON SALE NOW - EOFY Sale ends June 30

10 kg Magnetic Inertia Flywheel


700 W Max Resistance

700W MAX

Levels Incline Decline


SPD Compatible Pedals


RRP $1,499.00

22kg TrueSpin
HEAVY DUTY flywheel

resistance system

Fore and Aft

LCD Display

RRP $1,599.00
16% OFF - SAVE $249.75

ON SALE NOW - EOFY Sale ends June 30

24 Levels of Magnetic Resistance


Fore and Aft Adjustability


Multi-functional LCD Display


Comfort Sports Saddle


RRP $1,499.00
20 kg TrueSpin Heavy Duty Flywheel


32 Levels of Magnetic Resistance


Commercial Steel Frame


Multi-functional LCD Display


Other Popular Spin Bikes

Browse our range of Reebok or Adidas series spin bikes

RRP $1,399.00



16kg Rear-Drive


8 Levels of



RRP $1,119.00


18 kg Flywheel


32 Electronic Resistance Levels


Dual Adjustable Padded Saddle



Spin Bikes

Spin bikes are great cardio machines that work towards improving your overall fitness whilst offering a challenging yet versatile workout. Most people love spin bikes for the countless fitness benefits they’re linked to from burning calories, improving stamina and getting the heart pumping. Spin bikes are used in a variety of formats from spinning group fitness classes, HIIT (High intensity interval training), and cycling as a sport. Cyclists gravitate towards exercising on a spin bike as it emulates the natural feel of riding an outdoor push bike. For riders that compete in road races, spin bikes are a great exercise option for practicing and training for intensive long-distance rides. A spin bike is a perfect piece of cardio equipment to introduce into the home gym that won’t consume much space or be too heavy to transport. The compact size along with the transport wheels and floor levelers make spin bikes easy to move from room to room and store when not in use. Our Adidas spin bikes go a step further in terms of home adaptability which the self-generating motor meaning you can train anywhere.

All our spin bikes offer variable resistance enabling riders to make quick adjustments mid-ride, simulating the feel of a hill climb or sprint. Most spin bikes feature a resistance dial, allowing you to easily finetune your workouts outside of pre-set levels. Otherwise, our models with pre-set resistance will reach a resistance of up to 8 levels via that adjustable lever, ideal for spin classes that guide you through levels. Spin bikes are available with two different types of resistance; friction (SP series) or magnetic (SM Series). Bikes that use friction resistance are fitted with two pads that rub against the flywheel slowing the motion and forcing the rider to pedal harder. Friction pads typically offer an unlimited level of resistance as resistance can be increased to a complete stop. This gives riders the ability to complete high intensity hill climbs and instant resistance changes during spin sessions. Alternatively, magnetic resistance bikes create resistance by slowing down the flywheel magnetically, offering a practically silent ride due to a reduction in friction and moving parts. Unlike friction, magnetic has limited resistance, the magnets will reach the flywheel to a certain point before they stop and riders will feel a slight lag when adjusting resistance. Friction spin bikes closely resembles riding a road bike, as you instantly feel the resistance change as you turn the knob. Magnetic resistance may be more appealing for riders looking for a silent and easy to maintain spin bike for their home.

Within the flywheel, you will find two different drivetrains; chain and belt. A chain drivetrain mimics the sensation of riding a road bike as the chain generates noise the faster the pedaling. A chain drive may be more appealing to cyclists looking to replicate the realistic feeling of riding a road bike. On the other hand, a belt drivetrain will offer a smooth and almost silent cycling experience. The quieter cycling motion produced from the belt drivetrain makes this option more appealing for home use, particularly apartment living or families with young children.

All spin bikes are fitted with a flywheel located at either the front drive or rear drive. Flywheels come in a variety of weights including 13kg, 16kg, 18kg, 22kg and 25kg. The flywheel weight affects the momentum of the bike while pedalling. A heavier flywheel is ideal for individuals that prefer the feel of an outdoor bicycle or studio cycling experience since the heavier flywheel maintains speed easily and carries more momentum making quick resistance changes feel smoother. Whereas a lighter flywheel gains momentum through speed but does not maintain it like a heavy flywheel, you will also find that pedalling is not as consistent. Our flywheels are either made from your standard cast iron or carbon steel which has more consistent weight distribution and is less prone to rust. Almost all our flywheels are TrueSpin meaning they are balance tested to ensure that the wheel is correctly weight distributed. This process greatly increases bearing and axel life for a smoother ride and minimises any flywheel knocking sounds.

All our spin bikes have 4-way seat adjustability and angle adjustments to provide the most comfortable ride possible for every user. Some bikes have SpeedLock which allows you to quickly and conveniently adjust your saddle mid ride via a quick release lever. Others have the standard pin lock that requires more time and effort in adjusting, which will work well for users who don’t need to share the bike with others. Handlebar height is also adjustable, the correct handlebar position will make your ride more comfortable and eliminate unnecessary strain on your neck and back. Unlike upright exercise bikes, spin bikes should be adjusted to a position where the rider is leaning forward, this style of riding allows you to apply more pedalling force during your rides getting the most out of your workout. Racing style seats fitted onto our standard spin bikes allow for less interruptions and more ease when lifting out of the seat for tough hill climbs. Our extra density padded saddles on our higher end models provide more comfort and cushioning for riders completing seated sprints or long-distance rides.

Handlebars can vary across our models; bigger handlebars will offer inside and outside grip positions, to cater for sudden switches between hill climbs and seated sprint. Thicker textured handlebars with elbow support can be found on our bigger models, offering users more support and grip. Not all spin bikes have the same handlebar adjustments, spin bikes with good adjustability will offer better ergonomics.

You’ll find two different types of pedals on our spin bikes, the first being your standard cage pedal or our 2-in-1 pedal compatible with Shimano SPD pedal systems. These pedals have an easy clip-on design, allowing riders to clip their cleats onto the pedal for a more realistic riding experience. Some of our spin bikes come with the 2-in-1 pedal, otherwise they are available for purchase separately. Crank arms will also vary across different models, basic models will have your standard strength crank arm whereas stronger models come with reinforced crank arms. A stronger crank will offer more support for hill climbs, sprints or any high-powered activity where you’ll be pushing hard on the pedals.

The bikes LCD display screen will show you important stats from your ride like your speed, distance and time. More advanced displays on higher end bikes will also show calories burnt, RPM and pulse which can be valuable in keeping you on track during a spin class. Our more tech savvy spin bikes will allow you to pair your bike with a smartphone to track your workout with health and fitness apps.

All our spin bike frames are built with tubular steel, and vary in strength and stability. A stronger frame offers from bigger bikes will reduce the left to right wobble you get from rigorous pedalling and offer more stability for bigger riders.

All Lifespan Fitness bikes will have transport wheels, and floor levellers to help you adjust and adapt your bike to your room. Some models are equipped with a phone holder, otherwise phone holders are available for individual purchase. Bottle holders can also be found on most models so you can stay hydrated.

Although small, spin bikes pack a punch offering a number of possible cardio workouts from HIIT, low impact cycle sessions and spinning classes. Spin bikes are popular for building strength, endurance and cardiovascular health. Speak to one of our friendly team members to help you find the spin bike that is right for you.

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Spin Bikes FAQ

When it comes to a bike workout you’ve got a couple of options, the two main ones being a spin bike or exercise bike. An exercise bike, or stationary bike, is typically used in general fitness programs and tends to be good for anyone who is wanting to improve their cardiovascular fitness levels, tone up and see better weight loss results. Upright exercise bikes cause less strain on the lower back, shoulder and neck making this bike a suitable low impact cardio machine. Exercise bikes are fitted with a lighter flywheel which will carry less momentum and you will find that pedalling is not as consistent. More display and tech features are available to you on an exercise bike including pre-set workout programs and automatic resistance changes.

A spin bike, on the other hand, is common to spinning group fitness classes, they are great for intensive cardio workouts to achieve weight loss and increase stamina. Spin bikes are preferred by on-road cyclists as they closely mimic the natural riding position of a push bike with the handlebar almost level to the seat. This style of riding supports high calorie burn exercises and interval workouts that require lifting out of the seat. Spin bike flywheels tend to be heavier compared to upright exercise bikes, making them better suited to exercises that involve quick resistance changes. Spin bikes have relatively simple components with a small LCD display offering basic workout statistics from time, distance, calories and RPM.

The main difference between a spin bike and upright exercise bike is the riding style and goals you will achieve from these bikes. Exercise bike workouts focus on the core and lower body, they require you to be seated resulting less strain on the joints and more support to your body. Exercise bikes are more suitable for those looking for a casual, easy to use bike to improve your fitness levels. On the other hand, spin bikes cater to more intensive interval workouts with high to unlimited levels of intensity allowing further progression and improvement from users. Spin bikes are great for riders wanting to push themselves through tough hill climbs or long sprints to burn calories and improve stamina.

Find out more about the difference between a spin bike and exercise bike here

Finding the right spin bike can be a challenge with so many different options available, the spin bike that will work best for you will largely depend on your fitness goals and the workout you wish to complete. If you are after a spin bike that closely resembles an on-road bike and offers a natural riding experience than a bike with friction resistance and a chain drivetrain will be your best bet. Otherwise, if you are after a quieter bike with less maintenance then a bike with magnetic resistance and a belt drivetrain is a better option. A spin bike with hybrid resistance (belt drivetrain with friction resistance) is a great in between model for users looking for a bike that has an on-road bike feel whilst still remaining quiet. The flywheel weight of your bike will also affect your ride with a heavier flywheel feeling smoother and holding more momentum, making quick resistance changes easy to complete. A lighter flywheel will not hold up as well during spin classes as pedalling will not feel as consistent and resistant changes may feel jolted. All spin bikes will have adjustable seats and adjustable handlebars, offering a comfortable and accommodating ride for users of any size.

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Indoor cycling will not cause pain or injury to your knees if ridden correctly, for beginners it can take some time to get accustomed to riding a spin bike. Incorrect seat height and distance can be a perpetrator of knee pain. If your seat is too low, your knees will begin to take on additional strain by failing to properly extend. Knee pain can also stem from bouncing up and down on your saddle during spin classes and low resistance causing you to have less control over the movement in your legs. Having your resistance too high can also cause you to place too much load on your joints leading to pain. Cooling down after your spin session, knowing your limits and proper riding ergonomics will help reduce the risk of knee injury.

A spin bike saddle may be a little uncomfortable the first time you jump on depending on the seat shape and padding. Discomfort will most likely disappear as you get used to your seat. Otherwise, you may need to make adjustments to your seat and riding position. A firmer and longer saddle are preferred by riders opting for intense and longer riding sessions as these seats are easier to lift out of and reduce chaffing. Whereas, a wider padded saddle is more suited for slower seated sessions as you have more comfort on your behind. As a first-time rider you may be more likely to sit further back into the seat which can cause discomfort, sitting closer to the nose will provide more room for your thighs. Our spin bike seats are comfort oriented and remain slim enough to reduce chaffing. Some models feature a centre perineal cut out for greater air flow and breathability during long rides.

Our spin bikes are 90% pre-assembled, allowing for easy installation. Once unpacked, most models only require you to attach the handlebars, seats, pedals and floor levellers before your bike is ready to ride. Once assembled your spin bike can be moved into any space via the easy transportation wheels.