SP-460 Spin Bike
    Come flying off the mark with the Lifespan Fitness SP-460 spin bike. Our TrueSpin Precision flywheels are balance...
    SP-340 Spin Bike
      Evolve to the pinnacle of spin bike workouts with the SP-340 from Lifespan Fitness. Go quieter and smoother...
      SM-400 Magnetic Spin Bike
      The perfect fit for any home, the Lifespan Fitness SM-400 magnetic resistance spin bike is silent, smooth, and...
      SP-310 Spin Bike
        Lifespan Fitness’ SP-310 emphasises quality over extravagant features. Adjustable saddle and handlebars, the SP-310 will support riders of almost all sizes. Minimalist...
        SP-870 Spin Bike
          Prove your mettle with the Lifespan Fitness SP-870M2.The foundation of the SP-870M2’s appeal is in its 25kg commercial...
          SM-100 Magnetic Spin Bike
          The perfect spin bike for your home gym, the Lifespan Fitness SM-100 Magnetic Spin Bike is silent, smooth...
          SP-550 Spin Bike
            Advance your spin cycling to the next tier with the SP-550 from Lifespan Fitness. Enjoy stability through the...
            SP-960 Spin Bike
            Out of stock
              Evolve to the pinnacle of spin biking with the SP-960 from Lifespan Fitness. The SP-960 is designed for...

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