Ab Mats & Rollers

Ab Mats & Rollers

Ab Mats & Rollers

Accelerate your core routine with an ab mat or ab roller, supporting a range of abdominal exercises and helping to target major muscle groups. With ab roller and mat exercises, you’ll be able to sculpt and tone with greater precision and efficiency, helping to achieve fitness goals great and small.

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Ab Mats & Rollers FAQ

There are a few ways to make use of your ab roller. To get started, get down into a kneeling position on a mat or soft surface. Place the ab roller in front of you, and grab hold of the handles. Slowly roll the ab roller forward, making sure to activate your core to control the movement. Keep your back straight and roll out as far as you comfortably go. Pause here, then use your abdominal muscles to pull yourself back, bringing the ab roller into your knees.

Kneel on the floor with the ab roller in front of you and grab onto the handles. Activating your core, slowly roll the wheel away from you while keeping your back straight. You should go until you feel a pinch in your abdomen. Roll back to start position, focusing on using you core muscles.

Planks with ab roller
In a plank position, with knees either up or on the floor, grab the ab roller with both hands. Roll the wheel forward as far as you can while remaining stable and with your core engaged. Roll back to starting position and repeat.

Oblique Rollouts
Start in kneeling position with roller in front of you, holding it with both hands. Roll the wheel to your right side, keeping abs engaged and your back straight. Then, roll back to the centre and repeat of left side.

From beginners to experienced athletes, everyone can benefit from a good quality there simple tools. Here are some ab roller and ab mat benefits that you can expect when you incorporate them into your routine:

Core strength: Probably the most direct benefit, ab rollers and mats provide an effective way to engage and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Core stability and strength is an important area of functional strength to help build stability, control and power.

Improved posture: Ab mats and rollers work to strengthen the muscles that support your spine, working to improve your posture. This is a key tool in enhancing overall fitness, allowing you to perform exercises safely, and reducing risk of injury and improving control over your body.

Comfort and security: Roller and mats provide a stable and safe platform for performing core exercises, helping you achieve a great ab workout without unnecessary tension or discomfort.

At Lifespan Fitness, we offer a convenient ‘buy now pay later’ scheme through Zip Pay. Using the Zip Money scheme, you’ll get a $1000 to $5000 credit limit. This allows you to spread out payments over the course of between 3 months, all the way up to 60 months. These payments are interest free, with a monthly account fee which is waived if you have nothing owing. Check out the information page above to see if these options appeal to you.

Buy Ab mats and ab rollers from Lifespan Fitness today and get access to convenient delivery services Australia wide. You can also opt for a click and collect option for our warehouses in VIC or NSW, or shop in store at one of our accredited dealers. For click and collect, it’s recommended to have an adequately sized SUV, Van, Wagon or Large Tray Ute. For safety reasons, we cannot force a product that does not physically fit into your vehicle. Check out our delivery and pickup information page for more information.

Shop Our Range of Ab Mats & Rollers Online

At Lifespan Fitness, we offer a wide range of high-quality ab mats and rollers for every fitness level. Our ab mats are designed to provide comfort and support during floor exercises, while our ab rollers offer an intense core workout that targets your abs, obliques, and lower back. No matter what your fitness goals are, we guarantee great results with our selection of premium products.  

An ab mat provides a secure and comfortable base to accelerate your core workout, using high-density foam and ergonomic design to extend your back for a neutral spine creating safer, supported ab exercises. 

Using ab rollers and mats can provide numerous benefits for your health and fitness level. A strong core is essential for almost all areas of exercise, including balance and coordination, posture, and power. By incorporating mats and rollers into your routine, you can enhance your core strength and endurance in an efficient, and targeted way. These workouts are also highly effective for losing weight, helping to tone your torso and body composition.  

When purchasing your ab mat or roller with Lifespan Fitness, you have a guarantee of premium-quality materials, providing durability and comfort.