Power Bags & Sand Bags

Power Bags & Sand Bags

Power Bags & Sand Bags

For safe strength training with real results, choose our premium selection of power bags and sand bags for your next training obsession. Great for incorporated strength and conditioning training, a power bag workout can target a range of fitness goals for a variety of users. Power bags are an essential piece of exercise gear for anyone looking to improve their strength, functional fitness, and overall athletic ability. They offer a unique and challenging workout that can help you reach your fitness goals more quickly and efficiently.

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Power Bags & Sand Bags FAQ

Bent over row (Triceps, shoulders)

With knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart, hinge forward and grab a power bag by its handle. Keeping a straight back, pull the bag up to your chest, and lower back down.

Squats (Glutes, calves)

With your feet shoulder-width apart, lift the power bag onto your shoulders, brace your core, and squat down until your thighs are parallel with the ground, then stand back up. Keep you back straight and you chest up.

Russian Twists (Abdominals, obliques)

Sitting on the floor, grab a power bag by the handles and hold it in close to your chest. Leaning back slightly, raise your feet up off the floor, and brace your core. Rotate your torso from side to side, bringing the power bag with you.

CORTEX’s power bag range starts at 5kg, with a selection of 10kg power bags, 20kg power bags, right up to 25kg power bags. The weight you choose will influence the type of workout and results you’ll see, with heavier weights being better suited to focused strength training and muscle development. Lighter weights are good for more aerobic focused exercises, cardio workouts and functional training. However, ensure that you’re starting off slow with less weight, in order to get a feel for how your body responds to them. From there, choose a weight that provides an adequate level of resistance and work for your muscles, as well as deciding what area of fitness you want to focus on.

Power bags have a more even weight distribution, and are generally less awkward and more stable when moving around. They are also a set weight, which contrasts to sand bag weights, which allow you to adjust the weight by filling them up with the desired amount of sand. Different sand bags have different capacities, however, so ensure that you aren’t overloading your equipment.

Our power bags and sand bags are built of high-quality, durable materials, built to withstand tough workouts and last the long haul. To keep your equipment in great condition, we offer power bag racks for handy storage and organisation. We also offer convenient packages so you can purchase your power bag set in an all-in-one order. With Lifespan Fitness’ exercise gear, you’re gaining access to highest quality exercise gear and free weights Australia wide, all from an Australian company.

At Lifespan Fitness, we offer a convenient ‘buy now pay later’ scheme through Zip Pay. Using the Zip Money scheme, you’ll get a $1000 to $5000 credit limit. This allows you to spread out payments over the course of between 3 months, all the way up to 60 months. These payments are interest free, with a monthly account fee which is waived if you have nothing owing. Check out the information page above to see if these options appeal to you

Buy Kettlebells from Lifespan Fitness today and get access to convenient delivery services Australia wide. You can also opt for a click and collect option for our warehouses in VIC or NSW. For click and collect, it’s recommended to have an adequately sized SUV, Van, Wagon or Large Tray Ute. For safety reasons, we cannot force a product that does not physically fit into your vehicle. Check out our delivery and pickup information page for more information.

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Power bags and sand bags are workout equipment that consist of a heavy, durable bag filled with sand or other materials. They are used for strength training, conditioning, and functional fitness exercises.

A sports power bag is unique in that it is dynamic and unpredictable, which adds a level of difficulty to exercises that cannot be replicated with traditional weightlifting equipment. When using a sand bag in particular, the contents of the bag shift and move as you perform exercises, engaging more muscles to stabilize and control the weight, leading to a more intense workout.

They’re a great option for free weights that don’t require any special installation or setup, making them an accessible and convenient option for those looking to get a great workout at home or in a gym.

In addition, power bags are versatile and can be used for a variety of exercises, such as squats, lunges, deadlifts, and overhead presses. They can also be used for strength and conditioning drills, such as slams and throws, as well as for functional training exercises, such as carrying and dragging exercises.