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March 10, 2021

Power Up Your Workouts With Power Bags

Inject some much needed functional strength into your routine. Power bags have the versatility to replace a lot of your strength training regimen and add some excitement to your cardio and bodyweight workouts. You might have never even heard of these marvelous strength training tools, or maybe you’ve seen them but just have no idea what to do with them. We’ll give you a rundown of the power bag so that you can power up your workout.

What Is A Power Bag?

As the name implies this is a functional training tool that takes the shape of a bag. Not unlike a duffle bag, the power bag is shaped like a small log and features a couple of handles to change your grip. They’re made with a tough outer shell, often a polyurethane leather, and typically filled with sand to add weight. They come in a range of weights and can be bought as a set so you always have the right weight for the job. 

Benefits Of The Power Bag

You can use power bags in your workouts in much the same way that you might use a kettlebell or a barbell, so perhaps the greatest benefit of the power bag is the material it’s made of. The soft shelled bag is a lot less dense than a metal kettlebell or barbell making it a lot safer to use in high intensity exercises. Power bag workouts utilise the unique shape of the bag and involve a lot more movement than a conventional barbell workout. You can rest easy knowing the power bag is a lot less like to do damage to your home or cause you an injury.

How Power Bag Training Works

On a very basic level you can use the bag as you would any other weight. Pick it up by the handle and use it like a dumbbell or barbell. Curl it, bench press it, squat it, use it for lunges, deadlifts, any exercise that uses a weight can use a powerbag instead. Where it really shines is as a unique functional strength tool. Used in a similar way to a kettlebell, the power bag workout can combine several exercises into one to create ultimate compound exercises that engage more muscle groups, increase heart rate, and burn more calories. The unique, compact design and soft exterior allow you to use this weight in movements that could be dangerous with any other weight. This lets you target smaller, underused muscles and develop greater functional strength.

Some Workouts To Try

The clean is one exercise that benefits from the reduced size and softer exterior of the power bag. Whereas the standard clean would use a cumbersome and hard barbell, you can catch the powerbag gently in your arms. Begin with the bag at your feet and grip with both hands. Start with a deadlift motion but bring the bag vertically upright as you straighten your legs. Explode into a straight posture after the bag crosses above your knees. Return quickly to a squat position and bend your arms to catch the bag on the front of your shoulders. Finish straightening your legs out of the squat then return the bag to the ground to begin again. One of the most unique exercises you can perform with the power bag is a wood chop. Very basically this involves holding the bag with both hands in front of you and twisting your torso and lowering the bag to your hip. The motion should resemble the swinging of an axe, hence the name. You can also combine this exercise with a number of others including the squat or lunge to engage your legs in addition to your core and back.

It’s In The Bag

There’s a lot of ways to get in shape with a power bag. Whether that’s by replacing the weights in your existing workout or by trying something new and exciting. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous. The unique design of the power bag makes it both durable as well as kind to your home gym environment. Power up with a power bag.

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