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Smith Machines FAQ

There are a few ways you can best use your Smith Machine. The main utility of these machine is when performing barbell exercises such deadlifts, squats and bench presses. Squats are performed by resting the bar on your shoulders from the back, and slowly lowering your hips down while gripping the bar on either side, then straightening your knees back and repeating. This exercise will work your abdominals, glutes and quads. Another great exercise to perform with a Smith Machine is a bench press, where you’ll lie flat on an exercise bench, and lifting the bar above your head.

Smith Machines have guide rails that run along the frame, and are attached to the barbell. This allows for a smooth motion as you move the bar vertically. On top of this, there are catchment hooks along the frame that will lock the bar in place when released. This is helpful for when you don’t have access to a spotter in your lifts, and for additional safety if anything goes wrong.

There are many exercises you can perform with a Smith Machine, such as Squats and Bench Presses. Here are a few more exercises you can try to get the most out of your machine.

Deadlifts: Position the bar just above your feet in front of you, then gripping the bar with both hands, hinging from the waist. Keeping your back straight, lift the bar, returning to standing position. Lower back down again and repeat.

Barbell rows: With the bar at about knee height in front of you, bend down from the waist with a straight back. Grip the bar with both hands, then bend your elbows towards you.

Check out our blog on how to start lifting weights for a more comprehensive run down of what you need to know when weightlifting.

Smith Machine Afterpay: If you're looking for a flexible payment for your Smith Machine, such as Afterpay, Lifespan Fitness offers multiple buy now pay later options, such ZipPay, and OpenPay. These services allow you spread out payments on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. These payments are interest free, and have no additional fees. ZipPay and OpenPay work slightly differently, so make sure to check through the details on their respective information pages.

Lifespan Fitness offers delivery of our Smith Machines Australia-wide, or click and collect at our outlets in VIC or NSW. If you plan to pick up the Smith Machine yourself, you will need an adequately sized SUV, Van, Wagon or a Large Tray Ute, as we will not force products that won’t physically fit in your vehicle. Dimensions and weight will depend on which specific product you're picking up, so make sure you check the product page of what you’re purchasing to ensure you have an appropriate vehicle. Our team will be on hand to assist you in loading the product into your vehicle.

Smith Machines for Sale

Go further and train safer with our range of premium quality Smith Machines, perfect for a range of strength and resistance exercises. A Smith Machine provides the ultimate safety as you accelerate your workout, with a range of exercise options to choose from.

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A Smith Machine is a type of gym station that assists in barbell exercises, such as squats and deadlifts, with guide rails that keep the bar vertical, linear bearings for smooth motion and catchment hooks along the steel frame. This means you can safely lift the bar without fear of dropping the weight or losing control, providing the utmost safety as you accelerate your workout. This has high utility for beginners and advanced trainers alike, as less experienced users can feel safe and guided throughout their workout, while more seasoned users can freely accelerate to higher levels with less hassle. With a CORTEX Smiths Machine, you’ll also be getting access to a range of features and exercise possibilities. All of our Smith Machines will include chin-up/pull-up bars, lateral pulldown bar, dip handles and weight storage. Intensify your training even further with a hybrid Smith & Cable Machine, which brings all the benefits of a Cable Crossover Machine to your setup. A Smith Machine home gym is a true all-in-one machine that delivers a comprehensive, full-body strength workout in a single package, with options for customisation and flexibility to ensure you have everything you need. We also offer packages inclusive of exercise bench, additional weight plates and bar, plus accessories. Speak to our friendly team today if you have any questions regarding our range, and we’ll help you along your fitness journey.