15kg Weight Plates

15kg Weight Plates

15 kg Weight Plates

Elevate your lifting game with our 15 kg Weight Plates collection. Crafted for serious strength training, these plates provide a substantial challenge to your workouts, helping you achieve peak performance and make significant gains in muscle mass and power.

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CORTEX 15kg Black Series V2 Bumper Plate (Pair)CORTEX 15kg Black Series V2 Bumper Plate (Pair)
    Our CORTEX 15kg Black Series Olympic Bumper Plates Pair bundle is designed for Olympic Lifting, Cross fit, and general gym use. They are designed to IWF standards of 450mm and are a lot more dense, come thinner than other comparable bumper plates, meaning you can fit more weight onto the bar.
    CORTEX 15kg Competition Bumper Plates (Pair)CORTEX 15kg Competition Bumper Plates (Pair)
      Using the highest quality PolyUrethane, our commercial graded 15kg Competition Bumper Plates are built for gyms, studios and serious lifters. PolyUrethane bounces back less than rubber, is odourless and doesn't tear, mould or fall apart. IWF Colour coded and matches IWF size specifications with each plate being 450mm in diameter.

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      15kg Weight Plates FAQ

      Integrate 15 kg plates into compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses. Begin with proper form and gradually increase reps and sets to build strength and muscle mass effectively. Consult a fitness professional if you're new to these exercises or lifting heavier weights.

      Prioritise compatibility with your weight bar's specifications. Choose plates made from durable materials that can withstand rigorous use. Evaluate grip design for comfortable handling and ensure the plate's quality and stability.

      15 kg plates weigh approximately 33.07 pounds each. This significant weight increment is perfect for challenging your muscles during strength training, aiding in muscle hypertrophy and power development.

      Buy 15 kg Weight Plates Online at Lifespan Fitness

      Experience the convenience of purchasing 15 kg weight plates through Lifespan Fitness' online store. Our user-friendly platform offers a seamless shopping experience, allowing you to explore various buying options tailored to your fitness needs. Elevate your strength training regimen by adding these robust plates to your collection, designed to challenge your limits and help you achieve your muscle-building and powerlifting goals. Whether you're a dedicated lifter or just starting, Lifespan Fitness ensures a hassle-free process, enabling you to equip yourself with the tools required for achieving your fitness aspirations.

      Afterpay Available for 15 kg Plates

      Lifespan Fitness offers the convenience of buy now, pay later allowing you to invest in your fitness journey without immediate upfront payment. With Afterpay, you can seamlessly integrate these plates into your workouts while spreading the cost over manageable instalments. Elevate your strength training without financial strain, thanks to this user-friendly payment solution. Enjoy the benefits of 15 kg plates and work towards your muscle-building and powerlifting goals, all while experiencing the convenience of deferred payment through Afterpay.