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Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical cross trainers are a great cardio workout for your home gym. Our front wheel elliptical machines offer the most natural stride, allowing you to workout in comfort. Rear wheel elliptical machines give added versatility to any training regime.

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Elliptical Cross Trainers FAQ

Walking and cross training are both popular low impact workouts that are a great means to improve your fitness levels and keep healthy. Typically exercising on an elliptical will offer a high calorie burn workout as the machine actively involves both your arms and legs, giving you a full body workout. If your goal is to build muscle mass, both a cross trainer and walking could both be a great option. An elliptical has incline settings allowing you to increase your resistance while walking up hill or increasing your treadmills incline will work well to build strength and muscle in your legs. Most cross trainers will provide you with a natural smooth stride without lifting the foot off the footplate, making it low impact and less likely to cause injury. More strenuous walking activities, such as hiking can be tough for some users as the ground is uneven and weather can add another layer of difficult to your workout. However, people that enjoy the outdoors and changing scenery may find more enjoyment in walking. Walking is also a great social exercise that you can do with friends and family.

The cross trainer that will integrate best into your home gym will depend on your space and what you want to get out of your cross trainer. Cross trainers are relatively quiet machines that mix in well with many households, giving users the ability to train night or day without making noise. There are many cross trainers for sale which offer a diverse range of features depending on your needs.

If you are looking to complete high intensity interval workouts then a cross trainers with a high max resistance level will be a good choice. However, if you are looking to complete a moderate paced workout or simply do some light exercises then having a high resistance won't be as important. Cross trainers have either a front or rear drive, a rear drive elliptical will typically be more compact which is important to consider if you are limited for space. All our ellipticals have transport wheel and floor levellers making it easy to transport your machine and use in any room of the home. Some models are battery operated, making it possible to train anywhere without worrying about a power outlet.

An elliptical cross trainer is one of the best ways to burn calories and lose weight. You will typically burn more calories on a cross trainer as opposed to other cardio equipment such as an exercise bike. An elliptical recruits more muscles through the use of both your arms and legs to provide a full body fat burn workout. You can burn more calories on a cross trainer by increasing your pace, intensity, resistance and incline. An elliptical relies on you to generate the pace and speed of the workout, so the number of calories you burn each session depends on the intensity of your workout.

Cross Trainer vs. Treadmill – is a very common question customers will ask themselves when tossing up between the two. Both machines will produce similar fitness benefits from weight loss, burning calories, increasing endurance and improving your overall fitness levels. However, there are some key differences between the two that’ll help set these machines apart from one another.

Cross trainers will give you a great full body workout without putting much stress on your bones and joints. This makes them the better choice for people who are prone to injuries or experience joint pain. Ellipticals are self-paced and require you to set the pace and intensity of the workout. For individuals who don’t enjoy running, the cross trainer is a great substitute.

Treadmills are ideal for those after a high intensity interval workout and typically enjoy jogging or running outdoors. Varied workouts are easy to undertake on a treadmill with the option to run, jog, walk or climb uphill into your training. Strength equipment such as ankle weights, dumbbells and other free weights can be included into your treadmill workout to help build muscle mass and create a more dynamic workout. Running on a treadmill is a high impact activity that gives the option to customise the intensity of the workout making it a great machine for weight loss and burning calories.

Our cross trainers arrive to you 90% pre-assembled and are easy to complete. All tools required come in the box with an instruction manual to follow along with. Most models will require you to attach the floor levellers, frame, console and handles to complete the assembly. Once installed, the transport wheels come in handy with easy transportation. Cross trainers offer easy maintenance, only requiring you to lubricate the joints every 6 months to keep it running smoothly. Internally, the magnetic resistance does not require any maintenance. Cross trainers with mechanical resistance will need replacing of the pad over time

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical Cross Trainers are one of the most popular pieces of cardio equipment for homes and gyms. Unlike most cardio machines, cross trainers require users to use both their arms and legs, providing a full body workout. Cross trainers are widely used because they are easy to use and low impact, whilst still offering all the benefits of a high impact cardio workout. An elliptical works to burn calories and hit weight loss goals without causing stress on the knees and joints. Get a comfortable balanced workout every time on a cross trainer with the cushioned footplates and dual action handlebars.

Lifespan Fitness Cross Trainers are fitted with a flywheel either at the front drive or rear drive. Rear wheel cross trainers are a popular home gym option as they are typically smaller and more cost friendly in comparison to a front wheel drive. The motion of a front drive vs rear drive elliptical is different, with the rear drive providing a more rounded up and down stride whilst the front drive creates a flatter, more natural stride. The flat smooth motion of a front drive is largely due to the dual roller guides that cause the pedals to roll backwards and forwards along the rail as you pedal, creating less interruptions. Whereas, a rear drive pedal follows the shape of the cross-trainer body lending itself to a forwards direction producing a downhill motion whilst pedalling. Some of our cross trainers are structured with reversible motion, making it possible to pedal forwards or backwards. Pedalling in either direction will allow you to engage more muscles groups in the lower body from your ankles, quads, calves, thighs and glutes.

Incline levels are a common feature on front drive ellipticals that can be manually adjusted to add more resistance and versatility to your workout. Training on an incline can lead to muscles growth and definition as the high resistance movement simulates climbing up a hill or stairs, similar to walking on a treadmill incline.

Choosing a cross trainer with a big enough stride length to your height is key to a comfortable and effective elliptical workout. Front drive flywheels allow for a larger, more natural stride with bigger models having an extra-long 50cm stride length. A larger stride length will allow taller users to take full strides that is going to feel more comfortable and natural. For shorter users, a rear or front drive elliptical are both great options, just remember to check the stride length before making a purchase.

Lifespan Fitness ellipticals feature variable automatic resistance or adjustable mechanical resistance, making it easy to complete interval training and varied workouts. Tension can either be adjusted manually via the twist dial or automatically through the touch screen and buttons on our higher end models. Increasing resistance pushes users to challenge themselves, and switch between a low impact workout to a higher intensity cardio session. Our cross trainers are equipped with resistance levels starting at 8 levels on our smaller models up to 24 levels on larger front drive ellipticals.

Our elliptical frames are made using tubular steel with higher end model being sturdier and heavier. Bigger models will have a stronger frame to accommodate larger users and more rigorous training sessions. Bigger users will also find more comfort in bigger ellipticals with the larger anti-slip footplates, and some models featuring an adjustable footplate giving free reign over your positioning.

The flywheel weight in your cross trainer will affect the smoothness and consistently of your ride. Our cross-trainer flywheels come in a variety of weights from 5.5kg, 6kg, 7kg, 8kg up to 12kg. A heavier flywheel weight will help maintain a steady cadence for a better workout. The evenness of each rotation also goes hand in hand with the belt drivetrain. A belt drivetrain is more durable in comparison to a chain, the belts smooth surface stimulates a quieter, seamless ride. The belt drivetrain in combination with magnetic resistance make this machine a silent one and a great option for home use, including apartment living. A magnetic resistance system consists of magnets that move closer or further away from the flywheel altering resistance, most of our cross trainers are fitted with magnetic resistance. The main benefits of this resistance system are that it requires zero maintenance and it consistently offers a smooth silent ride. Some models have mechanical resistance, which consists of a pad that moves closer to the flywheel creating resistance. Friction pads typically offer an unlimited level of resistance as resistance can be increased to a complete stop; however, they will require replacement over time.

All cross trainers feature an LCD display screen in the console with most models including an intuitive feedback system and large display screen. Most LCD display screens will relay workout feedback including time, speed, distance, calories, pulse and RPM. Advanced displays will also track watts, heart rate and odometer. Pre-set programs are also available on mid to higher end models, a great feature for riders looking for customisable workouts. Pre-set workouts are ideal for beginners as they guide users through workouts, changing resistance automatically.

Our hybrid cross trainers allow users to switch between a cross trainer and exercise bike, providing a dynamic cardio workout. 2-in-1 cross trainers are a great machine to integrate into your home gym as you can save space while enjoying the benefits of two exercise options on the one machine. Some of our hybrid ellipticals come equipped with dumbbells and resistance ropes that can be attached and stored on the machine. With transport wheels and floor levellers, all our cross trainers are designed with convenience and home adaptability in mind.

Like many cardio workouts, elliptical cross trainers provide great cardiovascular health benefits. Regular use of a cross trainer is linked to improving your general aerobic fitness, increasing endurance and toning the entire body. For users with limited fitness capabilities or pre-existing injuries, a cross trainer is a perfect supplementary training option to add to your fitness routine that is low impact on the knees, joints and back. This also reduces the likelihood of an injury. For regular gym goers and athletes, an elliptical can be easily adapted to meet your training needs through increasing resistance, incline and pace.