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November 01, 2020

Outdoor Workouts – With Minimal Equipment

Outdoor exercises for every space and every fitness level!

If you don't have room inside your home to work out - then getting out into the backyard or a nearby pack is a great alternative. We have created our favourite, on the go workouts - these are perfect for any space, and only need minimal equipment to get a full body workout in!  

Workout: HIIT RUNS   
Targets: FULL BODY 

Adjustable Weighted Vests are a fantastic way to amp up your runs, the increased weight helps increase both your strength and stamina while working out. Running in intervals is ideal when you might lack space, as you don’t need to go far. Try running laps of a park/the block, or down a path that is a few hundred meters in length. Run/jog at a brisk pace for 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds, this completes one repetition.  



Resistance bands are perfect for adding that extra tension during your workouts. Russian twists are a variant of sit ups, and incorporating bands into it creates a dynamic and supportive workout. Start by sitting on the floor with legs extended and together, center of band wrapped around soles of feet, holding the band in each hand. Bend knees slightly, keeping heels on floor, and clasp hands together with the band. With abs engaged and back flat, lean back 45 degrees and extend arms in front of you at eye level. Keep resistance band taut throughout and twist to the left, then back to the right to complete one repetition. 

Targets: LEGS 
Equipment: POWER BAGS

Power up your workouts with power bags! Versatile, soft, and easy to use, adding weight to your workouts just got a whole lot easier. This next level, weighted squat is a great way to activate those muscles. Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and hold the power with curled arms in front of your upper chest. Bend your legs and lower your body towards the ground, keep your back nice and straight, and your chin up as you lower down to a full squat. Drive upwards through your feet using your glutes back to the starting position to finish the repetition. 

Targets: BACK 
Equipment: POWER BAGS

Back to basics with your power bags with this comfortable, easy to execute workout. Target your back muscles with this weighted bent over rows. Stand with feet hip width apart and pick up the power bag (horizontally). Remain in the bent over position with back straight and knees slightly soft. Arms fully extended out, then slowly pull the bag towards you with your elbows up to the sky – maintaining the bent over position and squeezing your shoulder blades as you row, this completes the repetition. 


Targets: TRICEPS 

Resistance bands are a great compact alternative to weights. Work your triceps with this resistance band assisted overhead tricep extension. Begin the movement by stepping back on to a resistance band with your feet shoulder-width with one foot back. Push the band overhead while keeping a slight bend in the elbow. Keep your back straight, slowly lower your hands behind your head using only the forearms. The upper arms will stay in place with the elbow pointed up. Push the handles back up, focusing the tension in the triceps, this completes one repetition.


Targets: CHEST 
Equipment: BATTLE ROPE
Battle Ropes are such a versatile piece of equipment, especially for outdoors, wrap them around posts or large tree and you are ready to workout. For battle rope chest flys, have the rope looped around a support (large post or tree) and stand back with the rope almost taut. To begin, grab a rope in each hand, bend both your knees and arms slightly, and move your arms out and in while keeping your legs in a half-squat position. Form-wise, you want to make sure you don't cross your hands over in the center. The ropes should end up looking like snakes on the floor, in and out would be one repetition. 


We recommend doing all workouts in a rotating set, or split them up into upper and lower body to do on alternating days. Follow us on Instagram for more workout inspiration. 
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