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January 01, 2021

How To Create A Fitness Routine That Works

It’s over! We finally made it to 2021. This is probably the most gratifying New Year in recent memory. We’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re getting closer. Hopefully we can all look back objectively on the year that was 2020 and take lessons from the hardships we overcame. Maybe we’ve learned enough about self-care that we can move our fitness resolutions away from clichés and move instead toward creating a fitness routine that actually works for you.

Create Something That Lasts

Whatever our New Year’s resolution, whether it be to pack on muscle or stick to a diet, it doesn’t mean anything if we’ve already given up by the 1st of February. Your focus needs to be on finding something you can commit to. Finding that commitment comes largely from easing yourself into a new workout schedule, and focusing as much on finding the motivation to work out as the workout itself.

Ease Into It

You can’t just step into the gym at the start of a new year, sign up for a membership, then try to pick up the heaviest weight in the building. Give it some thought. What are you really trying to achieve? The local gym is a great generalist environment but it might not suit your needs. Maybe a local sports team, or regular cycling is more appropriate for your fitness routine. Maybe you’ve got some space in your home to set up a home gym tailored to your own specific goals. Give yourself time to find something that works for you. Home gyms can be a great place to start as you can just pick one or two pieces of equipment, and really allow yourself to work with those, rather than be overwhelmed and over exhausted and give up 2 weeks later. Check out our getting started guide for home gyms here. 

Get Into A Rhythm

The hardest part about working out regularly is by far being motivated to work out at all. I’ve personally been working out in some way or another for over a decade and while I’m currently at a place in my own journey where I have to start every day with a workout, it wasn’t always like this for me. Early in my own fitness journey I struggled with motivation and looked for any excuse not to be active. Unfortunately there is no magic formula to generate motivation. Everyone is different. Some people have success by working out with friends, but it’s important not to rely solely on someone else to keep you motivated. Maybe you like competition, but if not that kind of motivation might burn you out. Maybe it’s the music you listen to, the environment you work out in, the time of day, or the meal you reward yourself with after. Don’t be afraid to try different things until something sticks.

Where’s The Gym?

Commercial gyms famously receive their biggest bump in sales in the weeks following New Years. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to start or restart the fitness journey you had put off over the holiday. There’s nothing wrong with this. If it’s something you can stick with then by all means, join the gym. After the year we’ve just had however, maybe it’s time for us to look for a way to stay fit in spite of the obstacles life throws at us: rain, hail, global pandemics. Setting up a home gym is a great way to call the shots on your workout schedule. You get to pick the equipment that will serve you best on your own fitness journey. Maybe a quality spin bike if cardio and weight loss is your goal. Or free weights and a multistation if you’re trying to pack on muscle. The possibilities are endless. Make sure you check out some of our other blogs about the best way to set up a home gym that suits your goals.

Be Kind To Yourself

Stop looking at your fitness journey as something to be won. This isn’t a competition to lose 20kg of fat or put on 20kg of muscle. It’s a journey about you feeling healthy and confident in your own body. You probably won’t get it perfect the first time, and that’s okay. The hiccups and setbacks along the way are part of the journey too. Keep reminding yourself why you’re doing it and you’ll get there. I believe in you.

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