2.5kg Weight Plates

2.5kg Weight Plates

2.5 kg Weight Plates

Enhance your strength training with our versatile 2.5 kg Weight Plates collection. Perfect for adding moderate resistance, these plates are designed to optimize your workout routines and cater to varying fitness levels. Whether you're seeking muscle definition or improved endurance, these plates offer a dynamic addition to your fitness arsenal.

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    Our Olympic Rubber Tri-Grip 2.5kg weight plates are built to commercial standards. Tri-Grip design allows for easy handling and heavy duty rubber ensures maximum durability and protection for your equipment, walls, or floors. The 50mm hole is compatible with any Olympic sized bar sleeve. The integrated steel rings provide a smooth and secure fit when sliding onto Olympic bars.
    CORTEX 2.5kg EnduraShell 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)CORTEX 2.5kg EnduraShell 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)
      Our Cortex 2.5kg 25mm Standard Sized EnduraCast Weight Plates are encased with strong, durable PVC coating, built to last time and time again for your workouts.
      CORTEX 2.5kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)CORTEX 2.5kg Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates (Set of 4)
        Our Cast Iron Tri-Grip 2.5kg (Set of 4) 25mm Standard weight plates are built to last. The Tri-Grip design allows for easy handling and heavy duty cast iron ensures maximum durability. The 25mm hole is compatible with standard sized bar sleeves.

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        2.5kg Weight Plates FAQ

        Begin by adding them to exercises like squats, lunges, or bicep curls to introduce a moderate level of resistance. Gradually increase the reps or sets as you build strength and endurance. Whether you're aiming to define muscles or boost overall fitness, these plates offer a strategic way to enhance your training regimen while ensuring gradual progression towards your goals.

        When selecting a 2.5 kg plate, ensure compatibility with your weight bar's size. Consider the plate's design, grip, and finish for ease of handling during workouts. Additionally, evaluate the quality of locking mechanisms to guarantee stability while lifting. Look for plates that align with your fitness goals, whether it's muscle building, toning, or endurance training.

        2.5 kg plates are approximately 5.51 pounds each. This weight provides a balanced increment for your strength training routine, allowing you to fine-tune resistance levels and progress towards your fitness objectives effectively.

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