Assembly Services

How Assembly Works


Add the appropriate assembly service you require into your cart. Check the Category list to see which category your service falls under.


Payment is cleared for subsequent dispatch and booking of the assembly services.


Booking is made with our assembly company, who will contact you within 48 hours of dispatch to schedule attendance date (& time).

Category List

VIC: Due to Stage 4 restrictions announced by the Victorian Government, on-site assembly will no longer be available in Victoria by 5:00pm Wednesday 5th August until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Select a category from the list and simply add assembly service at the bottom of the page.


Category 2

Category 2
  • AB-10 Bench
  • All Exercise Bike/Recumbent Bike (Not Including EXC-10H Air Bike)
  • All Rowing Machines
  • All Spin Bikes
  • BN-7 Flat Bench
  • BN-8 Preacher Pad
  • BN-10 FID Bench
  • Commercial Power Sled
  • Ergo Desk
  • Leg Press LP1
  • Roman Chair
  • Squat rack (SR1/SR2/GBH220)

Category 3

Category 3
  • All Cross Trainers
  • Alpha Series ARK02 Base Rack
  • Commercial Treadmills
  • Home Treadmills
  • Benches (BN-2/BN-6/MF-4000) *Stand-alone Benches Only
  • EXC-10H Air Bike
  • GBH-290 Power Rack
  • GBH-300 Power Rack
  • Inversion Table
  • Power Tower PT1
  • PT-150 Power Tower
  • Pro Dumbbell Set (5- 30kg)
  • PR-3 Power Rack
  • ST-13 Stepper
  • ST-14 Stepper

Category 4

Category 4
  • GSL1 Lever Multi Station
  • GBH-210 2-in-1 Power Tower
  • PR-2 Half Rack
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Category 6

Category 6
  • Alpha Series ARK03 Half Rack
  • Alpha Series ARK04 Full Rack
  • FT10 Free Weight Functional Cable Machine
  • FT40 Cable Cross-over Station
  • PR1 Power Rack
  • PTX100 Power Tower
  • SM-10 Cable and Smith Machine
  • SS2 Single Station

Category 7

Category 7
  • GS10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine
  • GS6 Multi Station *Stand-alone Only (Does not include assembly of extra components in Ultimate packages)
  • GS6 Multi Station Pro-Package (Includes set up of additional weight stacks in package)

Category 8

Category 8
  • GS6 Multi Station Ultimate Package (Includes set up of MF-4000 + additional weight stacks in package)
  • *Minimum charge for assembly services including call out fee is $80.00
  • *On-site assembly does not include relocation or delivery of the product.
  • *Our service covers all capital cities and most areas. If you are located at a Rural or remote area, please contact us so we can find out for you if this service is available.
  • *This service is only for the assembly of the product and does not include fixing the product to any walls or flooring.
  • *This service involves a 1-person assembler who will assemble onsite, but at their discretion, may not be able to help lift or relocate heavy items.
  • *This service is separate from the Delivery service, and may be scheduled in on a separate day from delivery.

Assembly Terms and Conditions

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