CORTEX Soft Plyo Box Stacking Set

CORTEX Soft Plyo Box Stacking Set

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Stack them high for the ultimate challenge in plyometric exercise. The Cortex Plyo Box Stacking Set with four boxes gets progressively taller, and combines to make a maximum of 150cm vertical. Part of a modular set, our Soft Plyo Boxes are designed to be used in combination to progress with you as you improve, or give you access to different exercises. To support stacking, the boxes have Velcro tabs that lock boxes in place to stabilise them through intense workouts. Wrapped in a heavy duty PVC layer, these boxes stand strong through extensive usage and guarantee lasting performance.

    150cm Maximum

    High Density
    EVA Foam

    10 Height Combinations, Up to
    60" /
    150cm Max Height!

    With 4 Foam Plyo Boxes included in this set, you'll be able to
    have a huge range of heights including 6" / 12" / 18" / 24" /
    30" / 36" / 42" / 48" / 54" / 60" by stacking and alternating
    different combinations. For all serious trainers, combine
    all 4 boxes to achieve a maximum height of 150cm.

    Durable PVC Layer

    The Plyobox foam is wrapped in heavy duty PVC, to withstand
    extensive usage and ensure it lasts.

    • 1. PVC
    • 2. Polyester

    The Safer Way

    Our Plyo Boxes are made out of High Density EVA foam that is soft enough to minimize the risk of tripping and falling, while providing enough density to make it feel like you're not jumping on a sponge.

    Connect & Secure Stacks
    with Velcro

    Using Velcro, you can safely and securely stack each box Plyo Box together so they won't break apart during jumps. Each box comes with a low profile handle for easy handling and movement.

    Technical Specifications


    Materials Heavy Duty PVC
    EPE Foam
    Set includes 15cm / 6" Soft Plyo Box - 4.5kg
    30cm / 12" Soft Plyo Box - 6.5kg
    45cm / 18" Soft Plyo Box - 8.5kg
    60cm / 24" Soft Plyo Box - 11kg
    Assembled Dimensions (Full Stack) 90cm x 75cm x 150cm (L x W x H)
    Gross Weight 33kg


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