Contour Studio Commercial Pilates Reformer Machine

Contour Studio Commercial Pilates Reformer Machine

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Elevate your gym space with the truly modern Contour Studio Pilates Set, designed for professional and commercial use. Seamlessly blending durability and contemporary aesthetic, the Contour Studio is crafted with a premium-quality aluminium frame, guaranteed to endure intense, daily usage in a commercial setting. The dynamic spring system allows for multiple resistance settings, ensuring a transformative full-body workout for users of all fitness levels. Experience a comprehensive, premium workout experience with this versatile, professional-grade equipment, enabling you to help achieve your fitness goals. Included in the set are the Pilates box, jump board and foot strap, making it a comprehensive package for all your studio needs.



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    Commercial Quality Construction


    6 Tempered High-Carbon Steel Springs


    Comfortable Microfibre Leather Pads


    Spring Platform for High & Low Settings


    Commercial Grade Construction

    The Contour Studio is specifically engineered for commercial use. The machine features a high-quality aluminium frame, premium padding and high tensile springs which allow it to withstand rigorous use. Whether you intend to workout at home or in a professional setting, the Contour Studio is the perfect choice.

    Commercial Grade Construction
    Superior High-Tensile Springs

    Superior High-Tensile Springs

    The Contour Studio comes fitted with tempered high-carbon steel springs which offer enhanced performance and durability. These springs are designed to withstand greater force and repeated stress without losing elasticity.

    Premium Microfibre Leather Pads

    Premium Microfibre Leather Pads

    The microfibre leather provides greater durability compared to regular PU leather thanks to its superior stress crack resistance and moisture resistance. Paired with the anti-fatigue properties of EVA foam, the increased impact performance allows for greater resilience against wear. The instant rebound feature of the EVA foam offers enhanced stability and comfort while you work out. This reduces the risk of ankle or joint injuries while you perform subtle movements when standing.

    Experience a Dynamic
    Full Body Workout

    Unleash your potential with a comprehensive full-body workout that engages major muscles and boosts flexibility, enhancing overall strength and balance in every session.

    Experience Dynamic Full Body Workout

    Fully Adjustable for a Wide Range of Workouts

    With the 6 adjustable foot bar positions and 5 adjustable stopper positions, you will have plenty of flexibility when calibrating the machine. The 3 adjustable headrest positions also provide more customisation depending on your workout needs.

    Fully Adjustable Wide Range Workouts
    Adjustable 6 Spring System

    Adjustable 6 Spring System

    The Contour Studio spring platform comes with 2 positions, allowing you to fine tune the tension for your workout. Featuring 2 red springs for hard resistance, 2 green springs for medium, and 2 yellow springs for light. You can easily tailor your workout to the desired intensity level.

    Perfect for all Skill Levels

    Perfect for all Skill Levels

    From beginners to experts, this set is designed to accommodate everyone, providing a platform for growth and progress at every level.

    Smooth & Quiet Wheels

    Smooth & Quiet Wheels

    The fluidity of movement is paramount in Pilates, the smooth and quiet wheels ensure that you can reposition the set with ease.

    Technical Specifications


    FrameCommercial Grade Aluminium
    Springs6 Tempered High-Carbon Springs
    Spring AdjustmentSpring Platform - 2 Positions Adjustable
    Footbar6 Positions Adjustable
    Stopper5 Positions Adjustable
    Headrest3 Positions Adjustable
    Wheels2 Smooth & Quiet Movement Wheels
    Included AccessoriesPilates box, jump board & foot strap

    Dimensions and Weight

    Weight Capacity160kg
    Occupancy Size244cm x 70cm x 38cm (L x W x H)
    Riser HeightMin. 56.5cm/Max. 62.5cm (To ground)
    Jump Board Height88.5cm (To ground)
    Foot Bar Height45cm (To frame)
    Packaging Size259cm x 74cm x 56cm (L x W x H) Wooden Crate
    Gross Weight105kg
    Net Weight75kg
    Packaging MaterialWooden Crate
    Disposal of Packaging MaterialOur delivery services do not include packaging removal. The crate can be disposed of in council hard rubbish, or by disassembling it, and dropping off at local tip. Alternatively, you may also contact us if you'd like to include packaging disposal as part of your delivery.


    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

    · Pads - 5 years home, 2 years commercial warranty   
    · Springs - 5 years home, 2 years commercial warranty   
    · Frame - 5 commercial years warranty   
    · All other parts - 1 year commercial warranty   
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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