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September 15, 2021

7 Workouts With an Aerobic Step

For a structurally simple piece of fitness equipment, an aerobic step offers unlimited exercise options from explosive jumping movements to low impact stepping workouts. The aerobic step is a fantastic home workout equipment that is sure to get your heart pumping and keep you fit. An aerobic step has all the benefits of a cardio workout like building strength, reducing fat and boosting your cardiovascular health. Aerobic step exercises will also improve your balance, coordination and agility. The versatility of an aerobic step allows it to be used in low impact or high intensity workouts, making it suitable to any fitness level.  

Let’s go through a couple of aerobic step exercises that will target different muscle groups and get your heart pumping. 


Let's start off easy! A step-up is a simple and common aerobic step exercise that can be performed on any step. Step-ups are a good low impact exercise that will target the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes. This workout can easily be modified to make it more difficult, try using dumbbells or moving at a faster pace. 

How to do a Step-Up: 

  1. Stand directly in front of the long end of the step. 
  2. Step onto and off the step one foot at a time. 
  3. As you’re doing your step-ups, keep your back straight and make sure your foot is planted completely on the step.  


Side-to-Side Lateral Squat  

Side-to-side squats are an ideal lower body exercise which activates several muscle groups simultaneously including the legs, glutes, and core. The lateral movement gives extra strength to your inner and outer thighs, as well as, improving your agility. 

How to do a Side-to-Side Lateral Squat: 

  1. Stand on the step with your feet shoulder width apart. 
  2. Step off the step with either your left or right foot. 
  3. As you step off preform a squat remembering to keep your back straight. 
  4. Step back onto the step and preform the same side-to-side movement with your other leg. 


Burpee Step-Up  

If your goal is to burn fat, then burpee step-ups are your go to. Burpee step-ups are also a great means to boost cardio fitness and tackle a full-body HITT workout. The jumping movement will build muscle strength and endurance in both your upper and lower body. 

How to do a Burpee Step-Up: 

  1. Stand facing the long end of the step with feet shoulder width apart. 
  2. Squat to place your hands on the ground directly underneath your shoulders. 
  3. Jump your feet backwards into a plank position. 
  4. Preform the opposite movement and jump your feet forward into a squat position. 
  5. As you stand up, jump on the step. 
  6. Jump down and preform the burpee step-up again. 


Step-Up Kick Back  

Step-ups with a kickback is a dynamic exercise that combines a push and pull leg movement that will burn calories and tone your lower body. The motion of extending your leg will also enhance core stability and balance.  

How to do a Step-Up Kick Back: 

  1. Stand facing the long end of the step with feet shoulder width apart. 
  2. Firmly plant one foot on the step. 
  3. As you step up kick your opposite heel backwards extending your leg. 
  4. As you kick your heel backwards squeeze your glutes and keep your leg straight. 
  5. Return your foot to the step and repeat with the opposite foot. 


Mountain Climbers  

Mountain climbers are a dynamic compound exercise that will raise your heart rate and build cardio endurance. This exercise will target several muscle groups simultaneously, boosting your metabolism. The constant movement of performing mountain climbers will help increase agility, flexibility, and aerobic fitness. 

How to do Mountain Climbers: 

  1. Start off in a plank position with your hands firmly placed on the step platform. 
  2. Ensure your back is in a straight line and your hands are slightly wider than should width apart. 
  3. Bring one knee up towards the center of your body then quickly alternate to the opposite knee. 
  4. This exercise is moderately fast paced, and legs should be alternating quickly while maintaining good form. 


Plank Step-Up  

A plank step-up is a great alternate to the standard plank, which will be sure to challenge you. The plank step-up will target your core, chest and arms, giving them a good burn as you build upper body strength. 

How to do a Plank Step-Up: 

  1. Start in a plank position in front of the step with your hands shoulder width apart and keep your back straight. 
  2. Place both hands onto the step, one after the other. 
  3. Walk your hands back onto the floor, one after the other. 
  4. While performing this exercise make sure your back stays straight and core is engaged. 


Plank Jump-In  

Plank jump-ins will not only increase your stability and strength, it will also enhance your cardiovascular endurance. This workout is common in HITT training as the jumping movement burns calories and keeps your heart rate up. 

How to do a Plank Jump-In: 

  1. Start off in a plank position with your hands shoulder width apart, keeping a straight back. 
  2. Your feet should be spread further apart to maintain balance. 
  3. Jump towards your hands, landing in a frog-like position. 
  4. Jump back outwards into starting position and repeat. 


There are countless workout options that can be performed on an aerobic step. Listed above are 7 different step exercise recommendations to kick start your step workout. A step will offer many cardiovascular benefits that will support muscle development, agility and endurance training. For those wanting a low impact workout try an exercise like a step-up. Once you have built confidence with your step you can challenge yourself with burpee step ups or free weights.  

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