CORTEX Chin Up Attachment for BN-6CORTEX Chin Up Attachment for BN-6
    Transform your bench into the ultimate compact home gym station. Add chin-ups, the king of back exercises, to your workout with the Cortex BN6 bench chin-up attachment. The chin up attachment is installed by quickly sliding them into the rear tube behind the seat.
      Elevate your home gym experience with the dynamic Cortex BN-6 FID Bench + chin up attachment, the essential starter pack for upgrading your home strength setup. Featuring six levels of adjustment, this bench seamlessly transitions from decline to flat, and up to incline, granting you a full 90-degree range for a complete workout. Enhance the versatility of your workouts with the included chin-up attachments, introducing dynamic variety to your bench routines and elevating the intensity for your upper body training.

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