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Apex TreadmillApex Treadmill
    Choose the Award winning APEX Treadmill for the peak running experience. Features include the heavy-duty 3.25 CHP EverDrive...
    Pursuit TreadmillPursuit Treadmill
      There’s plenty of room in any home for the Lifespan Fitness Pursuit treadmill, but no room for excuses....
      Boost-R TreadmillBoost-R Treadmill
        The Award Winning BOOST-R is a high performance machine for the achievement-oriented runner. Featuring the advanced 2.75 CHP...
        X-41 Cross TrainerX-41 Cross Trainer
          Leap off the mark with the Lifespan Fitness X-41 Cross Trainer for an excellent cardio workout. Complete with...
          SP-460 (M2) Spin BikeSP-460 (M2) Spin Bike
            Come flying off the mark with the Lifespan Fitness SP-460 Spin Bike. Our TrueSpin™ Precision flywheels are balance...
            Bolt TreadmillBolt Treadmill
              A pure running machine with speed up to 16km/h, making it the perfect fit for your home. Features...
              Viper TreadmillViper Treadmill
                Experience the cutting edge of running tech with the high-performance Viper M3. This luxe fitness machine with serious...
                SP-870 (M3) Spin BikeSP-870 (M3) Spin Bike
                  Prove your mettle with the Lifespan Fitness SP-870 M3 Spin Bike. The foundation of the SP-870 M3’s appeal...
                  Marathon Commercial Smart TreadmillMarathon Commercial Smart Treadmill
                  The ultimate treadmill, the Marathon Smart Treadmill delivers a top of the range running experience with it’s robust...
                  Everest Incline Trainer TreadmillEverest Incline Trainer Treadmill
                  A revolution in burning calories, the Everest from Lifespan Fitness is making strides up, and downhill to bring...

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