Experience the most commercial gym machine for your home. Our GSL1 is the monster of all workouts. Target...
Achieve your fitness goals with a complete cardio and strength workout with the Vertex Stair Climber. Features a...
Feel a more natural running style when on Corsair FreeRun 100. Experienced the natural sweep of your feet...
Experience the ultimate freedom to control your own pace and intensity with the Corsair FreeRun 200. Unlimited speed...
CORTEX Alpha Series Olympic Weightlifting Platform
Step on to the CORTEX Weightlifting Platform to train hard and conquer PBs. Designed to withstand repeated and...
OMEGA Series SHM-10 Smith Machine with Weight Storage
The ultimate strengthening machine, our SHM-10 is perfect for strength enhancement and muscle toning. You can perform a...
OMEGA Series LGP-10 Leg Press 45 Degree
Our LGP-10 is renowned for being the most effective machines for lower body strength and muscle growth.
OMEGA Series ABE-10 Abdominal Machine And Back Extension
Our commercial dual machine allows you to isolate your abdominal and back muscles. Target your core with our...
OMEGA Series CUKR-10 Assisted Chin Up Tower with Knee Raise and Dip
One of our most versatile commercial machines yet. Enjoy a range of exercises performed on our CUKR-10. Begin...
OMEGA Series FYFR-10 Front and Rear Deltoid Fly
Our dual commercial FYFR-10 allows you to perform two different exercises in the one machine. Target your posterior...
OMEGA Series PLD-10 Lat Pull Down
Our PLD-10 is perfect for strengthening your back muscles. Sit down and adjust the knee levellers to best...
OMEGA Series RWP-10 Lat Pull Down and seated pulley row
Combine your two favourite exercises in the one machine. Our multipurpose RWP-10 is integral during your back workouts....
OMEGA Series TAR-10 Inner and Outer Thigh Adductor
Step into strength with our TAR-10, the ultimate thigh burner. Adjust the seat to best suit your height...
OMEGA Series TPP-10 Tricep Push Down
Build your triceps with our TPP-10. Isolate your tri's with a weight stack of 120kg to increase your...
OMEGA Series BPC-10 Bicep Curl
    Enjoy our commercial design to feel the pump of your biceps with our BPC-10. You can alternate the...
    OMEGA Series LGC-10 Horizontal Leg Curl
    With up to 120kg you can increase the strength of your legs by isolating your gastrocnemius, soleus and...
    OMEGA Series SDT-10 Seated Twist
    Take a seat and work your core. Our commercial SDT-10 allows you to target your obliques and improve...
    OMEGA Series LGE-10 Seated Leg Extension
    Our commercial LGE-10 is the perfect finish to your leg workout. Isolating your quadriceps with a weight range...
    OMEGA Series SRP-10 Seated Shoulder Press
    With a weight stack of up to 100kg you can strengthen your shoulders with each workout. Adjust the...
    OMEGA Series CTP-10 Seated Chest Press
    Our commercial Seated Chest Press allows you to isolate your pectoralis. With a range of weights to choose...
    OMEGA Series MIR-10 Seated Multi Pulley Row
    Strengthen your back with our commercial design MIR-10. Our seated multi-pulley row allows you to isolate your latissimus...
    ALPHA Series ARK03 Half Rack
      The ALPHA Series ARK03 Commercial Half Rack has been engineered for the toughest workouts in your commercial facility...
      ALPHA Series ARK04 Full Rack
        Perform multiple exercises on our ALPHA Series Full Rack. For the beginner or professional powerlifter you can strengthen,...
        OMEGA Series CEM-10 A Cable Machine with Aluminium Grip Attachments
        Target every muscle group with our CEM-10. You can perform over 50+ exercises on our commercial cable machine....
        OMEGA Series CEM-10 S Cable Machine with Standard Attachments
        Target every muscle group with our CEM-10. You can perform over 50+ exercises on our commercial cable machine....
        OMEGA Series CEM-10 CA Cable Machine with Cover, Aluminium Grip Attachments
        Target every muscle group with our CEM-10. You can perform over 50+ exercises on our commercial cable machine....
        OMEGA Series CEM-10 CS Cable Machine with Cover, Standard Attachments
        Target every muscle group with our CEM-10. You can perform over 50+ exercises on our commercial cable machine....
        ROWER-810 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
        Lifespan Fitness Rower 810 Rowing Machine gym home indoor workout cardio exercise water fluid filled resistance Realistic
        Everest Incline Trainer Treadmill
        A revolution in burning calories, the Everest from Lifespan Fitness is making strides up, and downhill to bring...
        Torque 3 Treadmill
          Get the personal trainer experience at home with the Lifespan Fitness Torque 3 treadmill. A whopping 99 preset...
          ST-13 Stepper with Auto Incline
          Receive the personal trainer experience at home with 12 Workout Programs to achieve the peak of your performance....
          Viper Treadmill
            Experience the cutting edge of running tech with the high-performance Viper M3. This luxe fitness machine with serious...
            Apex Treadmill
              Choose the Award winning APEX Treadmill for the peak running experience. Features include the heavy-duty 3.25 CHP EverDrive...
              FT-40 Cable Crossover Station
                Provide yourself with a challenging functional training workout for your home gym. The Lifespan Fitness FT40 delivers a...
                Marathon Commercial Treadmill
                  The ultimate treadmill, the Marathon delivers a top of the range running experience with it’s robust commercial components...
                  XT-44 Cross Trainer
                    The XT44 is the ultimate & dynamic cross trainer to suit beginners or professionals at any level. Featuring...
                    CORTEX Strongman 320kg Olympic Plate Set
                    Stack on the weight for the ultimate challenge with the Cortex Strongman 320kg Olympic Plate Set. With only...
                    Walkstation B Treadmill & ErgoDesk
                    Our Walkstation Treadmill B Paired with the dynamic ErgoDesk to form the ultimate work & walk treadmill desk....
                    CORTEX Pro-Fixed Dumbbells 5kg - 30kg
                    Our Commercial Graded Pro Dumbbells are made by a one-piece forged construction, giving you the ultimate workout and...
                    SP-960 Spin Bike
                    Out of stock
                      Evolve to the pinnacle of spin biking with the SP-960 from Lifespan Fitness. The SP-960 is designed for...
                      GS-10 Multi-functional Smith and Cable Machine
                      Everything you could possibly need to power through an intense full body workout; The Cortex GS10 Multi-Functional Smith...
                      Rubber Gym Floor Mat 15mm Set of 36
                      Developed and designed by the experts at CORTEX, our commercial grade 15mm gym mats are fire-tested and made...

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                      Bench Presses


                      Elliptical Cross Trainers

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                      Fixed Dumbbells

                      RRP $2,499.00$1,899.00

                      Gym Floor Mats

                      RRP $1,800.00$1,152.00

                      Multi Stations

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                      RRP $4,899.00$4,190.00
                      RRP $4,399.00$3,490.00
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                      RRP $3,699.00$3,090.00
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                      Multi-Functional Gym Stations

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                      RRP $1,999.00$1,599.00

                      Olympic Bars & Weight Plates

                      RRP $2,579.00$1,549.00

                      Plate Loaded

                      RRP $4,999.00$4,590.00

                      Rigs, Racks & Platforms

                      RRP $1,799.00$1,360.00
                      RRP $2,499.00$2,000.00

                      Single Stations

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                      RRP $4,299.00$3,290.00
                      RRP $3,699.00$3,090.00
                      RRP $3,299.00$2,890.00
                      RRP $4,499.00$3,790.00
                      RRP $3,999.00$3,390.00
                      RRP $3,999.00$3,390.00
                      RRP $3,899.00$3,290.00

                      Spin Bikes


                      Steppers & Stair Climbers

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                      Treadmill Desks

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                      RRP $1,549.00$1,199.00
                      RRP $3,499.00$2,999.00

                      Water Resistance Rowing Machines

                      RRP $1,399.00$1,099.00

                      Weight Training Accessories, Rigs, Racks & Platforms

                      RRP $1,349.00$1,199.00