Water Resistance Rowing Machines

Water Resistance Rowing Machines

Water Resistance Rowing Machines

Water resistance rowing machines offer an exceptional workout experience, simulating the feel and resistance of rowing on water. Unlike regular rowing machines, these rowers utilise a real water tank to generate a dynamic resistance system. At Lifespan Fitness, we provide a range of water resistance rowing machines that are built to deliver high-quality performance, durability and versatility. These machines are suitable for both gyms and fitness centres, offering a challenging yet low-impact exercise option for users of all fitness levels.

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Water Resistance Rowing Machines FAQ

Water resistance rower machines offer a unique experience by mimicking the feel and sound of rowing on water. The resistance is created by the paddles moving through the water tank, providing a smooth and dynamic workout, free of any jerking and jarring that might interfere with your cadence. Water rowers provide a workout that's always proportional to your fitness level, meaning you're always getting the right amount of work no matter your ability. This contrasts to other rowers that use magnetic resistance, where the level of resistance is changed via a dial on the machine to pre-set levels. This design not only enhances the user's engagement and enjoyment but contributes to the overall durability and quality of the machine.

First, sit down on the rowing machine and ensure your feet are secured on the footrests with straps tightened comfortably. Straighten your legs out in front of you and pull the handle in close to your chest. Place your hands on the outside of the oar, with pinkie fingers hanging off and thumbs resting on top. Sitting up straight, have your shoulders back and down, and open your chest. On the drive forward, extend your arms as far as they'll go, only bending your knees once your arms are fully straight. Keep your knees aligned with your chest, not dropping them off to the side, and maintain straight arms throughout. Push back by straightening your legs, only bending your arms back once your legs are fully straight.

For a more comprehensive rundown, you can check out our blog post on how to use a rowing machine.

Water resistance rowing machines require regular maintenance to keep them in optimal condition and ensure a long lifetime. It's important to remove the water tank between uses and clean the inside. Make sure to replace water before the next use. Also ensure proper tension and alignment of the rowing belt. You may want to lubricate moving parts for best results.

Ensure any nuts and bolts are properly tightened and checked regularly, and that you're wiping down the machine in between uses. It's good to keep the machine free of dirt and debris, and you may want to purchase the cover to put on the rower when not in use.

Remember to consult the manual of your product for any specific maintenance advice for your machine.

Lifespan Fitness water resistance rowing machines are known for their superior quality, durability and performance. We prioritise high-quality materials and engineering techniques to ensure that our machines withstand rigorous use over time. Polypropylene fibre and latex are used for the rowing cord, producing a tough, resistant material that can handle the stress and tension of high intensity workouts. Our machines also feature spacious and adjustable foot pedals to suit every user, as well as innovative groove patterns to ensure a stable grip and comfortable foothold. Glide securely with either a 4 or 6 roller system on an aluminium rail that uses commercial quality materials and design, ensuring a smooth, secure and quiet slide throughout your workout.

We understand the growing interest in convenient payment options. We offer a wide range of payment plans that allow you to purchase your rowing machine with incremental instalments. This includes payment plans from our providers ZipPay and Afterpay. Get your product first and pay later! This flexible payment method makes it easier to own the equipment you need while managing your budget effectively.

Ordering your water rowing machine from Lifespan Fitness is convenient and hassle-free. We offer Australia-wide delivery services, ensuring your machine is shipping safely and securely to your desired location. Alternatively, you can opt for a click and collect option, allowing you to pick up your purchase from one of our distribution centres (VIC and NSW). For click and collect, ensure you have an adequate size vehicle for your machine. For more information regarding delivery times, click and collect, and installation services, check out our information page here.

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Lifespan Fitness offers a range of water-resistant rowing machines designed to enhance your home workout. These rowing machines feature a dynamic resistance system that adjusts to your effort. As you row, the blades in the water tank spin, providing a natural and progressive increase in resistance proportional to your fitness level. This allows for variations in intensity, especially when doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The realistic sensation of rowing through water and the soothing sound further enhances the immersive workout experience.

Not only do they provide a great workout, but they look great in your living space as well. Whether you prefer an oak frame or tubular steel with an aluminium alloy rail, Lifespan Fitness has options to suit your aesthetic preferences and durability requirements.

Durability is a priority with strong rowing cords designed to withstand intense workouts. The large foot pedals with heel cups and Velcro straps provide a secure and comfortable fit. Progress tracking is made easy with a large display showing speed, time, distance, strokes per minute, and calories burned. When it's time to save space, these rowers can be conveniently stored upright, freeing up floor space effortlessly.

Discover the benefits of water resistance rowing with Lifespan Fitness and enjoy an effective workout in the comfort of your own home.