D-Bar Attachment

D-Bar Attachment

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    D-Bar / D-Grip Lat Pulldown Bar

    D-Grip Lat Pulldown Bars are excellent for those having shoulder pain during regular lat pulldowns. Neutral grip position places less stress on your shoulder region and knurling on the inside lets you use the bar as a revolving straight bar.

    Dimensions: 24"/61cm Length

    Technical Specifications


    Tri-Grip 24" Pro-Lat Bar, with a nice chrome finish. Features the patented TRI-GRIP Gripping System. The only anatomically correct system on the market today, the TRI GRIP System increases lifting comfort and efficiency. The tri-cornered shape allows for a truly natural grip, eliminating pain and fatigue associated with round or contoured bars.
    Frame High quality workmanship with machined groove handles
    • Ideal for heavy-duty exercises with cable pulley attachment home gyms or similar commercial gym machines
    • Ideal for upper-body workouts, that target upper-body muscle groups, including biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest
    • Features the TRI-GRIP system to increase lifting comfort and efficiency


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