Grid Foam Roller 60cm x 15cm

Grid Foam Roller 60cm x 15cm

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    15cm Diameter

    High Quality Density
    EVA Foam

    60cm Total

    Strong core for stability

    The sturdy shell of the EVA, enables it to maintain its form despite heavy usage and ensure that you get the most out of your roller.

    Great Size to suit all workouts

    Our 60cm roller is wide enough to suit everybody type, and offers a bigger range than smaller 33cm sizes

    High Quality Density EVA Foam

    Our foam roller is constructed with high-density EVA foam, for excellent durability and provides adequate firmness to apply pressure to targeted muscle groups.

    Grid Patterns

    Unlike a traditional roller, the grid pattern allows for varying intensity, and makes it easy for you to control the intensity of the pressure you apply.

    • 1. Grid Section for Low-Medium Intensity
    • 2. Triggering points for a Deep Tissue Massage

    Technical Specifications


    Benefits Foam Rollers can be used to release tension and tightness between muscles, smooths and lengthens your muscles, breaks up adhesions and scar tissue. It can also promote better blood circulation


    • Lightweight
    • Strong core to retain shape
    • Grid Patterns to vary intensity
    • Suitable for home and gym use
    • Withstands wear and tear, easy to clean
    • Size: 60cm long - 15cm diameter


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