Regen8 Nyx Compression Boots

Regen8 Nyx Compression Boots

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Experience true post-workout rejuvenation with the Regen8 Nyx 8-Chamber Compression Recovery Boots. The 8-chamber sequential compression system delivers a targeted massage that promotes circulation and reduces muscle soreness, allowing you to warm up faster and recover more effectively. By enhancing blood flow and lymphatic drainage, these boots aid in reducing swelling, removing metabolic waste products and preventing injuries. The Nyx Recovery Boots have been designed for enhanced comfort and ergonomic support, ensuring a relaxing recovery session every time. Plus, with a long-lasting battery, you can take all the time you need without interruption. Elevate your recovery routine with the Nyx Compression Recovery Boots and feel the difference in your performance and well-being.



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    Built For Recovery


    Comfortable Design


    8 Chamber Compression


    Long Lasting Battery


    8 Chamber Compression Technology

    Compression Technology

    Experience the ultimate in recovery with our Sequential Compression Therapy system. Each boot has 8 air chambers with a 360-degree overlap, providing a comprehensive massage experience that targets your entire leg and foot. Adjust the pressure to your liking with our customisable settings, offering up to 260mmHg of pressure.

    Customise your
    Massage Experience

    Tailor your recovery session with our customisable massage experience featuring 6 massage modes. Each mode offers a distinct pre-set program designed to achieve specific results, catering to your unique recovery needs.

    Customise Massage Experience
    4 Hour Long Lasting Battery

    4 Hour Long Lasting Battery

    Enjoy extended recovery sessions with our long-lasting battery. With a powerful 5000 mAh battery, our boots provide up to 4 hours of continuous use on a single charge, ensuring uninterrupted relief whenever you need it most. With this remarkable battery life, you can move the Regen8 Nyx 8-Chamber Compression Recovery Boots to any spot desired, ensuring you have the flexibility to relax and recover wherever you please.

    What's in the Box?

    Included are the Regen8 Nyx host machine, an adapter for added flexibility, two inflatable connecting pipes and two leg cuffs for targeted compression therapy. We also provide a power adapter for hassle-free charging, a convenient backpack for easy transportation, a manual and an accessory bag to keep your essentials organised.

    What is in the Box
    User Friendly Interface

    User Friendly Interface

    With intuitive controls, you can effortlessly adjust settings and customise your massage experience for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

    Comfortable Design

    Comfortable Design

    Made from high-quality durable materials, our boots are designed to withstand frequent use while providing maximum comfort. Soft, breathable fabric cradles your legs while the sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability.

    Portable Recovery Pack

    Portable Recovery Pack

    Take your recovery on the go with our portable recovery pack. Compact and lightweight, this pack allows you to conveniently transport your Regen8 Nyx Compression Recovery Boots wherever your active lifestyle takes you, ensuring relief is always within reach.

    Technical Specifications


    Massage Modes6 Modes
    Air Chambers8 Chambers
    Pressure Range30-260mmHg

    Dimensions and Weight

    Control Dial Size24cm x 16cm x 9cm (L x W x H)
    Packaging Size41cm x 24cm x 31cm (L x W x H) 

    Sizing Chart

    SizeBoot MeasurementUser Inseam
    Medium (MD)98cm 77 cm
    Large (LG)110cm89 cm


    Power Consumption49W
    Power SupplyAC 100-240V/50Hz~60Hz 
    2 Pin Australian standard plugs (220V)
    Safety FeatureOverload and Short Circuit Protection 
    (CE Certified)
    Assembly RequiredThis product comes partially assembled 
    in a box with assembly instructions included

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