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October 27, 2021

Why You Should Take Up Trampolining

Getting a proper sweat can be hard to come by when you are working out in small spaces. What if you were told that you could get a heart racing, calorie burning, and enjoyable workout all within a 1.5m² space. Rebounding has taken the fitness world by a storm, especially during lockdown where most of us are confined to home workouts. Rebounding is a form of aerobic exercise that involves jumping on a fitness trampoline, jumps can be a mix of fast or slow and high or low. Rebounding does wonders for not only your physical fitness but also, your cardiovascular health, balance, coordination and more. Bouncing on a trampoline and reaping fitness benefits... it almost seems too good to be true.  



Weight Loss 

Trampolining is just as, if not more, effective at weight loss as going for a run. For those that dread cardio workouts, trampolining is a short and sharp workout that can be done at a moderate pace so you can still breathe comfortably. For a more intensive workout, increase the frequency of your bounces and intergrade some twists or jumping jacks to get your heart rate up.

Fun Cardio Workout 

Not only is trampolining a great form of exercise it is so fun that you forget you're working out. Bouncing on a trampoline can transport you back to your childhood days and give a childlike thrill and adrenaline rush. If you are not a fan of the treadmills, cross trainers and spin bikes but want the results from an intensive cardio workout then a trampoline be a more enjoyable exercise option. 

Perfect for Home Workouts 

Understandably not everyone has the space and budget for a big cardio machine in their home. A mini trampoline is small enough for fit in just about any room and can be easily transported inside and outside. From the comfort of your own home, you can bounce while watching TV, following along to a workout video or watching the kids. The slim trampoline pad offers heaps of convenient storage options, easily flip it upright and store in those narrow spots. 

Increased Circulation 

Repetitive bouncing gets your heart pumping, which can work wonders in circulating blood and lymphatic fluid. The bouncing motion has a profound effect on your lymphatic system which is responsible for flushing toxins out of your body and keeping your immune system healthy. Any area in the body that lacks blood circulation is rejuvenated back into proper circulation as new oxygenated blood flows through the body, all whilst simply bouncing. 

Improved Balance and Coordination 

As you pick up the pace while bouncing it does take a bit of time to get a hang of your balance and coordination especially as you throw in some more advanced jumping exercises. With your whole body moving together and working to push off and land, you are on track to see some serious balance and agility improvements. 

Low Impact 

Say goodbye to strained ankles and sore knees, as you're bouncing impact is absorbed by the trampoline surface minimising joint pressure and the risk of injury. The soft mat and springs of the mini trampoline eliminates up to 80% of the shock you would get from landing on the pavement. Rebounding is a great option for those with pre-existing joint and muscle pain or for those looking for a low impact exercise. 


Suggested Exercises  

Jogging: Jogging on the spot is a great beginner rebounding exercise and a good way to get familiar with the bouncy surface. Remember to keep your back straight and feet shoulder width apart whilst jogging on the spot. 

Jumping Jacks: This exercise will follow a similar movement to regular jumping jacks however you’ll want to stomp down as you move your feet in and out. Firstly, your torso should be bent slightly forward, then as you jump out your arms should lift overhead to meet your hands at the top. Then jump back inwards and return your arms to your side.  

Twists: Twists are a popular trampoline exercise that also targets your core. To perform, this exercise, begin with a steady bounce, as you jump twist your legs to one side and your upper body to the alternate side. Alternate your twisting direction with each bounce. Keep your core tight and hips straight. 

Tuck Jumps: As you develop confidence in your bouncing, you can try something that requires more coordination and agility like a tuck jump. To do a tuck jump you will need to start with a steady bounce, as you bounce up bring both knees to your chest then release and you come back down. 

High Knee Punches: Although rebounding tends to focus solely on the lower body there are some exercises you can do to include your arms. For this exercise, begin by jogging on the spot then start to lift your knees one at a time as close to your chest as possible. Close your fists and position your hands underneath your chin, the punch the air whilst lifting the opposite leg.


Who knew bouncing on a trampoline could be such an effective workout. Not only is trampolining fun enough for kids to enjoy it does wonders for improving your physical fitness, however the benefits you can't see are the most valuable. Rebounding will contribute towards improving your cardiovascular heath, assisting with weight loss, boosting your motor skills and improving your coordination. Trampolining is a great way to increase the intensity of any cardio routine without the risk of joint pain that typically comes from cardio workouts. If you're after home friendly exercise equipment, then a trampoline is a perfect compact option that is easy to pack away when done. 


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