CORTEX PR-2 Half Rack with 90kg Tri-Grip Plates + BN-9 Bench + Barbell Package

CORTEX PR-2 Half Rack with 90kg Tri-Grip Plates + BN-9 Bench + Barbell Package

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Level up your next home gym workout with the complete BN-9 adjustable bench and Cortex PR-2 Half Rack package. The BN-9 comes with eight levels of adjustment from decline and flat to incline, which takes you through 90 degrees of range. Customise your training loadout with the included 6ft Barbell, Curl Bar, Dumbbell Handles, and Tri-Grip Standard Plates for versatile strength training. Taking up less space than a full power cage, the PR-2 comes with band pegs, dip attachment, chin-up handles for the ultimate versatile workout. Convenient storage solutions included with your rack. Also featuring 150kg height adjustable J-Hooks, and 180kg adjustable safety spot bars.



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    Adjustable Barbell Hooks


    Adjustable Back Seat


    25mm Hole Diameter

    25MM HOLE

    Precise Knurl Gripping


    The Complete Package

    The Complete Package

    This package comes with

    • Cortex PR-2 Half Rack
    • Cortex BN-9 FID Adjustable Exercise Bench
    • Cortex Tri-Grip 25mm Standard Plates
    • Cortex Standard Dumbbell Handles (Pairs)
    • Standard Curl Bar
    • CORTEX Standard 6ft Barbell (25mm)

    The Ultimate Barbell Rack

    Our PR-2 Power Rack is the perfect rack for all of your barbell exercises, and an excellent design to keep all of your weight plates neatly stored.

    • Adequate clearance for any flat, adjustable exercise benches.
    • 2.3m height to suit most user heights.
    • Half Rack system with more stability than most regular squat racks, uses less room than a full power cage.
    • 1. Pull up / Chin Up Wide Grip Handles
    • 2. 150kg Adjustable Barbell Hooks
    • 3. Dip Attachment
    • 4. 180kg Adjustable Safety Bars
    • 5. Plate Storage (Point to both sides)
    • 6. Barbell Holder
    • 7. Resistance Band Pegs
    The Ultimate Barbell Rack

    Standard and Olympic Compatible

    Our versatile power rack suits both 6ft Standard Barbells and 7ft Olympic Barbells with a rack width of 125cm.* The PR-2 also comes with 4 weight plate storage sections with Olympic (50mm) and Standard (25mm) compatible sleeves.

    *Compatible with the Cortex 6ft Standard Barbell (125cm Inner Bar).

    Standard and Olympic Compatible
    Large Range of Workout Options

    Large Range of Workout Options

    The BN-9 FID Adjustable Exercise Bench offers a vast array of workout possibilities to diversify your fitness routine. From flat bench presses for building a solid chest to inclined and declined positions for targeting specific muscle groups, this bench is your ticket to a comprehensive workout regimen.

    Multiple Angle Adjustability

    Achieve the perfect workout angle with ease using the BN-9's multiple angle adjustability. Whether you're focusing on incline bench presses, decline sit-ups, or flat bench flies, this bench provides hassle-free adjustments to accommodate your preferred workout position.

    Multiple Angle Adjustability
    90kg Bars & Weight Plates Set

    90kg Bars & Weight Plates Set

    Our Cast Iron Plates are made with high quality durable materials to endure the toughest of your workouts. The cast iron plates are constructed to be rust and chip free, ensuring your weights will last a lifetime.

    90kg Icons

    Dumbbell Handles

    These dumbbell handles are ideal for strength training, feature rubber grip handles, spiral lock collars (Star shaped) and a strong chrome finish for durability.

    Dumbbell Handles

    180cm Barbell

    Chrome plating and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripping and comes with two spiral collars.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length - 26.5cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Inner Bar Section - 125cm Length
    180cm Barbell

    Standard Curl Bar

    Chrome Plated and a steel core to last a lifetime. Knurl gripped and ergonomically designed
    to fit most shoulder widths during key workouts. Comes with 2 spiral collars per curl bar.

    • 1. Loadable Sleeve Length - 19cm
    • 2. Knurling
    • 3. Max Holding Length - 79.5cm Length
    Standard Curl Bar
    Tri Grip


    The tri-grip design allows for easy handling and will offer more versatility to your workout. Loading and unloading your weights has never been so easy. Due to the tri-grip design you can maintain a comfortable grip when training solely with the plates.



    Knurling for easier grip at standard shoulder width.

    Fit & Finish

    Fit & Finish

    Chrome finish for durability, prevents rust and looks great.

    Technical Specifications


    • Built for Barbell Squats, Bench Press
    • Compatible with most flat or adjustable exercise benches
    • Allows body weight exercises like dips and chin ups
    • Weight storage system to keep plates off the floor (For 25mm Standard and 50mm Olympic Plates)
    • 90kg Tri-Grip Plates & Bars Package
    • Barbell Storage Slot (Olympic 50mm only)
    • Compatible with Standard 6ft and Olympic 6ft+ Barbells
    • Compatible with resistance bands

    Dimensions and Weight

    Occupancy SizePR-2: 165cm x 131.3cm x 233.3cm (L x W x H) 
    BN-9: 116cm x 74cm x 119cm (L x W x H)
    Safety Hook Height (Lowest)78cm
    Packaging Components
    • PR-2 Half Rack
    • BN-9 FID Adjustable Exercise Bench
    • 4x CORTEX 1.25kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    • 4 x CORTEX 2.5kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    • 4 x CORTEX 5kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    • 2 x CORTEX 10kg Standard Tri-Grip Weight Plate
    • 1 x CORTEX Standard 6ft Barbell
    • 1x CORTEX Standard Curl Bar
    • 2x CORTEX Standard Dumbbell Handles
    Gross Weight180kg


    This product is covered by the following warranty/warranties:

    · 12 Months Parts replacement warranty  
    *Please read our Warranty Terms & Conditions by clicking here

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