CORTEX SR-2 Squat Rack
    Quality materials and construction, as well as an overall wider footprint than other squat racks make the SR2...
    CORTEX PT-1 Power Tower
      Get ultimate workout versatility with the Cortex PT1 Power Tower. Gain access to huge bodyweight exercises like chin-ups,...
      CORTEX SR-1 Squat Rack
        Support big lifts in your home gym with the Cortex SR1 Squat Rack. Barbell J hooks, with a...
        PR-2 Half Rack
          Round out your home gym setup with the Cortex PR-2 Half Rack. Taking up less space than a...
          CORTEX PTX-100 Power Tower
          Designed as a compact body weight station, the 4-way PTX-100 power tower gives you access to huge body...
          PR-3 Power Rack
            Make your home gym complete with the ultimate versatility of the Cortex PR-3 full Power Rack. Constructed using...
            Perform all your exercises from chin ups, leg raises and wide grips you'll constantly be improving your fitness...

            Power Racks & Towers

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