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February 10, 2023

What does the Stair Climber work?

Stair Climber machines offer an effective, functional workout that builds strength and gets your heart pumping. Our premium range of the best Stair Climbers bring whole new levels of intensity to your fitness routine. A Stair Climber workout is as close as possible to true stair climbing, building functional strength in the lower body and providing efficient conditioning for the muscles. It’s a level up from a traditional cardio machine such as a treadmill or spin bike, as it offers a way to improve your cardiovascular endurance, while improving overall strength and muscle.  

What muscles does it work? 

So what muscles are worked in a Stepper machine workout, and do Stair Climbers build glutes? Stair machines work a variety of muscle groups depending on the exercise, method and routine. The main targets for this type of workout will be the major leg muscles, such as the calves, hamstrings and glutes. The first of these is the Farmer’s Walk, which involves carrying additional free weights on the either side, such as dumbbells or weight plates, transforming your exercise to work almost the entire body. A Farmer’s Walk is great for challenging your core and balance, improving your stability while increasing strength. Lunges are also a great option, providing greater strength work for the glutes. You can also try side strides, which involves turning to the side, and crossing your feet over one another. This will add in extra challenges for your abdominals and stability, improving your balance and core muscles.  

Are Stair Climbers good for losing weight? 

Weight loss is all about maximising your calorie burn, which is achieved by increasing the level or duration of energy exertion during exercise. Stair Climbers not only amplify the effects of normal treadmill exercise, but provide options for increased speed and intensity for the ultimate calorie burn. This makes Stepper machines incredibly efficient for weight loss and burning fat, helping you achieve your goals in a safe, consistent and repeatable way. With the adjustable speed and intensity levels, Stair Climbers are also a great option for conducting High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), involving variations in exercise intensity throughout your workout session. This type of workout is known to be highly effective in weight loss 

Additional features 

On your Stair Climber, you can select options for step speed, which will vary between 24 and 164 steps/min. This ensures the Stair Climber can offer a great challenge to even the most experienced of trainers. You also get access to comprehensive workout data such as time, distance, pulse and calories burned. These machines include a large LCD screen with user friendly controls, allowing you to quickly change your speed or cycle through workout programs. In terms of materials, our models use high-quality, commercial grade steel to ensure a sturdy frame. This not only creates a stable base on which to accelerate your workout, but makes sure that your machine will last for a long time to come. 


With a Stair Climber machine, you’re getting access so many extra benefits than standard cardio equipment. These offer a hybrid workout to improve your cardiovascular endurance while building muscle and functional strength in the lower body and core. Having one of these machines at home is a great way to level up your personal fitness and see impressive results throughout your fitness journey. The lower body strength and additional weight loss will provide a strong foundation for your personal fitness, improving your functional abilities and boosting your energy. If you have any questions regarding our Stair machines, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team and we’ll happy to assist you in making the right decision.  

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