CORTEX Barbell Squat Pad
Heavy, knurl or even un-knurled center barbells can be painful on your neck and upper back region. With...
Olympic Lock Jaw Collars-Pair
Loading and Unloading weight plates is quick and easy with Cortex Olympic Lock Jaw Collars. Our Olympic Lock...
CORTEX Olympic Post Landmine
Designed for serious strength, constructed with strong steel. 360-degree range of motion post landmine by CORTEX allows you...
Weight Lifting Chalk Pack of 8
Magnesium chalk for gym, weightlifting, kettlebell or dumbbell. Chalk reduces moisture on hands to improve your ability to...
CORTEX 50mm Parallel Landmine Handle
Our Parallel Landmine Handle allows you to master your rows due to the strong steel construction. Made with...
For a quick and easy transition between weight plates, the Olympic Aluminium Collars are the perfect fit for...
CORTEX Thick Bar Grips (Pair)
Instantly turn any barbell, pull-up bar, dumbbell or cable attachments into a thicker 50mm diameter bar to improve...
CORTEX Deadlift Single Arm Barbell Jack
Designed to create an efficient and effective workout for you. Switching weights between deadlift sets have never been...
CORTEX Deadlift Barbell Jack
The Deadlift Jack measures in at 990mm wide at the barbell guards, and 1070mm at the base supports,...

Weight Training Accessories

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